The Mystery Door by Zach

It was a rainy day the clouds were as grey as the lead in a pencil. My mam said “No going outside or your grounded for a week”.

“BANG!” I went to see what made the noise. My mam and dad were in the kitchen and my brother and sister were at are shops. I looked in my room and there it was, a giant vibrant red coloured door. I opened the door and there was an elephant, it was as pink as Peppa Pig. It could talk as well its voice was as quiet as a mouse, it mumbled “my name is Beck.” I asked it to repeat itself it yelled as loud as a thunder storm “MY NAME IS BECK”.

Red by Oliwia

“Ahh Jack you’re finally awake.”

I look up and find a tall red women standing over me with a smile on her face.

“I’m Selena your nurse”, she said.

I look around the room and realise everything around me is red, I sit up in panic but Selena sits me down.

“I see you’ve realised that red is the only colour you’re capable of seeing,” she said apologetically.

I stumble against words but finally say ,”but how?”

“Well it’s a long story,” she began, “but long story short you were involved in a terrible accident that took away your ability to see every colour but red.”

Gamer by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a gamer who drank Cola and ate flaming red Cheetos.

His friends always got games before him but he always got better than them.

There was one game everybody was better at it then the gamer.

He played all day and night but he still could not win.

The next day he asked for help so people said, “if you help us, we will help you.”

He helped them out but the people did not help him.

He was crying all day and night.

The next day he hacked so people lost all their things.

Town by Niamh

It was Saturday and I was going into town with my nanny, my sister and my cousin. We were going to town on the bus. When we got off the bus, we went for food. I got pasta with no sauce. When we were finished lunch, we went to Penny’s. I saw a red dress and I liked it so my nanny bought it for me. My sister and my cousin got the same dress as well. My nanny bought a few things for herself as well. When we were finished shopping we walked back to the bus and went home.

The Perfect Day by Mia

Dear Diary.

Today was the best day ever. I woke up at half past nine today. For breakfast I had cornflakes, toast with Nutella and a big glass of orange juice. I got my dishes and turned on the laptop. I watched Peppa Pig. She got a new red dress. After that I pulled on an outfit and went out to my friends. We got ice-cream. My favourite flavour is coffee-vanilla. The girls and I had a sleepover. We played chess and telephone. It was such a great day.



Bob The Hitman by Leon

The price was very very high so he accepted it without even knowing what he had to do.

“What do I have to do for you?” asked Bob.

“The only reason I am going to give you this much is because you have to steal the 100wc trophy, made from pure red rubies, from one of the most secure places in the world,” answered the man.

“I’ll do it.”

The next day he had all his gear ready so he set of. An hour later he was at the wall of the building. He was determined to get that 100wc trophy.

Red Velvet Cup Cakes by Jessica M

Today I am going to tell you how to make Red Velvet Cupcakes.


125g Caster sugar,

150g Butter,

2 Eggs,

150g Self raising flour,

4 tablespoons Water,

2 tablespoons Cocoa powder

2 teaspoons Red food colouring,


Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

Put cupcake cases into the baking tray.

Mix the butter and sugar together until smooth.

Add the flour, eggs, cocoa powder, water and red food colouring mix well until there is a thick batter.

Put the mixture into the cupcake cases and put in the oven for 20 minutes.

When done, put them on a cooling rack and enjoy.

The Birtday Cake by Jessica H

It was my birthday today and I was very excited for it. My favorite part of people’s birthdays is the cake. For my birthday I’m getting a red velvet cake which is my favorite kind of cake. For my birthday I got new clothes and an iPad. I still had to go to school sadly but it was actually really fun. Suddenly my teacher came out with a cake in her hands and the whole class sang Happy Birthday. After a long day of school I got home and my parents sang Happy Birthday to me with the red velvet cake which smelled amazing.

Red by Holly

Long, long ago there lived a red haired girl named Lucy. Nobody called her by her first name since she was known as “Red”. Red lived with her father ever since her mother passed.  Many years later her father also passed away. She moved to an island where nobody lived. There were rumours saying she died and got eaten alive, but the truth is no one saw her ever again. In my opinion I think she was immortal and her parents were the only thing keeping her safe. That’s why she had to move away so nobody could see who she really was.

Ballroom Dance in France by Emmanuel

It all began back in 1986 and it was everyone’s favourite night of the year. The annual ballroom dancing competition, and this year it was being held in Paris. The theme this year was red. The way it worked was that a few couples from all of Europe’s countries took part in the contest and if they won they would receive a huge cash prize. A couple from Ireland were out the night before and although they knew they were taking a big risk the still decided to come home late. The couple woke up late and had to run to the airport. Luckily they made it to France but realised that they were a day late!

First World War by Emily

Bang! Bang! The loud gun shots began. It was 1918. The locals were terrified. Even sixteen year old’s were soldiers. All mighty soldiers were fighting for their lives. Gun shots were firing everywhere. It was a very horrible time to be alive. People hiding everywhere, trying not to be seen. Families were very worried for their loved ones. Soldiers think they are going to live. It was a big disaster. People screaming for help. The Irish captain was wearing a red long coat and the British now was wearing a red poppy for remembrance.

Guns by Darragh

Jerry woke up.

He heard gunfire from outside. He went to investigate. Suddenly he felt someone put a gun against his head. Jerry quickly ducked and tried to grab the gun but the man punched Jerry in the face. Jerry fell on the ground. The man quickly stuffed Jerry into a red bag and ran away. Jerry woke up and tried to move but his arms and legs were tied up. He tried calling for help but nobody came. Suddenly a door opened and the man stepped in holding a gun he said “come with me!” Jerry shouted, “No!”

The man pulled out his gun and shot Jerry.

The Red Haired Boy by Craig

There was a school and someone with red hair, everyone bullied him because of that. The red haired boy would not tell because he knew what would have happened if he did. The next day he learned about bullying – that you should always tell or it will go on and on forever. The bullies asked him to “meet at the gate at 6:00pm or else.” That bullying lesson taught him to ignore and tell, so he did not go. The next day the bully grabbed him by the neck but this time he called the teacher.

Pirate Battle by Cillian

In 1537 the two fiercest and most powerful pirates fought a battle that went down in history as the most gruesome battle ever! The two pirates were Blackbeard and Redbeard. Blackbeard hated Redbeard because he had kidnapped and killed both of his parents. Blackbeard challenged Redbeard to a battle in the Atlantic ocean and he accepted. The weather conditions were terrible with thunder and lightning illuminating the sky and waves reaching up to 10 metres high! They both set out with their crews and then they fought. The battle was very tight until one of Blackbeard’s crew members shot Redbeard and killed him.

Mr. Red by Cian

Once there was a man named Mr. Red who lived in a red world. In this world the people, animals and even the food was red. One day as Mr. Red went about his business he came across an article about a blue person in his local newspaper. He began to feel very anxious so he dropped the newspaper and dashed back home. He stayed in his house for a whole week as he was too scared to go outside knowing blue people were around. One morning Mr. Red woke up, got changed and brushed his teeth but then fainted because when he looked in the mirror Mr. Red was no longer Mr Red he was Mr Blue.

Kangaroo Snake by Charlie

There once was a boy named Joe, he had a pocket sized portal. His favourite place to go was Australia. He loved looking at the kangaroos jumping around in the wild and the snakes slithering around. One time when he teleported to Australia Joe saw that there was a kangaroo with a snake as a tail, or so he thought. He went to get a closer look and saw that at the tip of the tail there was red. Joe realised that there was a snake trying to eat the kangaroo! He pulled on the tail of the snake but it would not let go. He grabbed the snake again but this time he teleported and the kangaroo was free.

The Football Match by Brian

One day I was going to Dublin Airport, with my friends. We were going to Liverpool, to see Liverpool vs Manchester United. My friends were, Aaron, Bartosz, Ben, Cillian and Emmanuel. We were all excited. Our flight was at 5:00pm, and it was 2:00pm, so we decided to get lunch. I got a chicken fillet roll. By the time we were finished it was 3:00pm. We just waited until 5:00pm. When we got to Anfield, Liverpool kicked off. Liverpool were wearing their red home kit, and Manchester United were wearing their black away kit. The match end 3-1 to Liverpool.

Manchester United by Ben

On Sunday Manchester united vs Liverpool was on. Kick off was at four o clock. While Liverpool were warming up Salah pulled a muscle and could not play. Manchester united were wearing their red kit and Liverpool were wearing their white kit. Suddenly united come on the counter attack and James crosses the ball to Rashford and united score in the twenty- seventh minute. Out of nowhere Liverpool cross the ball in and score but it does not count because Mane hand balled it. In the last minute Liverpool score and all the united fans were shocked.

My Trip to Liverpool by Ashley

For my 8th birthday I got the best birthday present ever, though my parents had a quandary about it, my mam wasn’t too sure about it but my dad persuaded her to give it to me.

When I went downstairs, there was a box on the table and when I opened it there was a red jersey in it, it was a Liverpool jersey! Then my dad said that my dad and I were going to fly over to England to watch Liverpool V Sunderland!

When we got there, we checked in at our hotel and went straight to the match.

It was an excellent game, we drew 2 although I thought Liverpool could have done better.

Tomato Girl by Abby

“Wow”, Claire looked in the mirror and she was RED, she thought she looked like a huge tomato. Then she screamed in the mirror because Claire didn’t like how she looked. Then she went down the town to the medical centre to see what was wrong, the doctor told Claire there was nothing wrong with her, she was just imagining it.

Claire said “that’s why nobody gave me bad looks on the way here”.

She went back home and looked in the mirror and looked RED, then went to look in another mirror and look RED again

She thought her house was haunted.

House Makeover by Aaron

One day my mam decided to paint the house red and the inside blue, the painters came last week. I was excited to get the house redone. I went to knock for my friends to show them the photos of what it is meant to look like. They said it looks so different and it looks like a gamer’s room. After a long walk home, the painters dropped the paint can and the paint went all over me, my mam and the painters laughed but I did not find it funny. The painters had to get more paint to finish the house cause it fell on me.

The Election by Zach

Today an election took place in the U.S.A. It was about who was going to be the president of America. The election stands opened at 8am this morning. The selected candidates were some orange person and Steavy Luasin. The orange one spoke first every one hated him no one knows how he was selected. Steavy Luasin claimed that by 2025 everyone in America would have a job and a home. The two candidates went into two separate voting boots. They both came out one minute after they went in. No one would know who won… until now.

The Breakthrough by Olivia

Scientists at Oxford made scientific breakthroughs after performing surgery on giraffes to give them vocal chords so they could speak. They also painted each one a different colour as its pride month. We sent Cady (our reporter) down to interview the giraffes.

Cady- So its a real plesure and honor meeting you all . Now I’ll ask you some questions and try to answer them as best as you can. So what do think of global warming, the orange one spoke first and said, ”I dunno”. The green one spoke next, “Ya me niether”, it said. But after all giraffes are giraffes and they don’t understand human things so all of that was very pointless.

Basketball by Oliver

Robert and his friends went to a basketball court.

It turned 12 o’clock and for a second the orange one spoke first and said please do not bounce me.

Robert was confused so he asked who said it and it was the basketball.

They did not know and played with the basketball.

The basketball did not say anything else.

The next day it turned 12 o’clock again and they heard STOP!

They still played on.

They played and played until they got bored.

The next day younger kids came and played basketball.

The Dream by Niamh

On Monday night I got ready for bed at 8:30pm. I fell asleep quickly. I had a dream that I was carving three pumpkins. They were 3 different types the 1st one was orange, 2nd green and 3rd green and cream. I thought I heard something. I didn’t know what it was so I stood and watched them, the orange one spoke first. I did not know what it was saying. When the pumpkins saw me looking, they stopped. I finished the last pumpkin and when they were altogether they looked really cool. Then I woke up and it was 9:00am.

The Crayon Kids by Mia

Alfie woke up in a strange room. He got out of bed and went downstairs to investigate. He was in a room of strange Object-People. There was a lid, a bottle and a box of crayons. The orange one spoke first. “Whatever are you then?” he asked. “I’m Alfie”, replied Alfie. “Well we are crayon kids, that’s Kid-Lid and that’s Bottle-friend” said the Crayons in unison. Alfie and his new friends were having breakfast together: a vast plate of bacon. When Alfie heard a strange noise. That was when he woke up. It was all a dream.

The Park Incident by Leon

Yesterday in the park the strangiest thing happened.  I was walking with my friend to the park and all of a sudden we found ourselves in the worst place possible, SCHOOL!!!! I started to panic because it was the middle of the summer holidays! Then from the desk all my friends in different colours came out. The orange one spoke first ‘Leon why haven’t you been online for 14 hours’ I started screaming. ‘Help I don’t want to be here.’ My teacher said ‘Leon no shouting in the class room.’ I thought to myself, What the hell is happening?!! Then I woke up in my bed.

Talking Skittles by Jessica M

Have you ever heard of talking skittles! Well here’s your chance, win a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the talking skittles. Here is a little bit about what it is like, as you walk in to the factory there are giant skittles to greet you at the door in all colours. The orange one speaks first and the rest join in as they give you a tour of the factory. As you walk further in, you will see a lot more giant skittles working at their machines. All the giant skittles are the workers and they all speak in their own language to each other. To win the lifetime opportunity call 098,765,4321.

Skittle Fame by Jessica H

Last Tuesday we figured out that skittles can actually talk.

A girl called Amy discovered this remarkable finding.

She had just bought a normal bag of skittles.

When she got out of the shop she had opened the bag and they all popped up.

They were having a little conversation between them selves when the orange one spoke first to Amy.

She said she got the biggest fright of her life and was terrified.

But then they got loose and spilled out of the packet. Be aware and careful they’re probably walking around the town.

Strange Colourful Creatures by Holly

It was a Saturday evening. A man went on an adventure to an island. As he was walking on the island, he came across strange colourful people. He stood frozen in the middle of the island. The orange one spoke first. This strange orange creature didn’t actually speak English. He spoke gibberish. This strange creature had an angry expression on his face. Suddenly so did the rest of the creatures. After a while the creatures stormed after the man and chased him back to his house. The man hated the trip but, he said he was glad he never has to see the creatures ever again.