100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a normal lockdown day. Go to school come home go to bed and the same the next day and so on. For Lee and Jen it was a bit different. They had to isolate because their Dad got a test. He tested positive for Covid 19. They had to stay away from him for two weeks. Lee, Jen and Mam had to stay in the house. They later got tested to make sure because Lee had symptoms. Lucky he was negative. Mam said ‘ you can tell he felt really ill, at least he is getting better.’ Lee and Jen told their classmates how horrible it was to quarantine.

Berries by Rose

Zane was an archaeologist that was now tasked to find a rare species of frog, in a rainforest, which Zane intended to find. As he was walking, he grew tired and took shelter under a big willow tree, under it there was a bush of berries and looked appetizing, Zane couldn’t help but take a bite. He soon got up from his rest and kept searching. Suddenly he felt really ill, and could’ve collapsed. He looked around for anything that could save him and found two other bushes of berries, one of red berries and another of green berries. Zane realized that he only had enough time to go for one bush before he faints.

Time is running out…

Fake Pain by Rorí

He was very ill, well that’s what he said to his mam. But he really wanted to stay home and play Fortnite. When his mam left he started playing with James, he faked being sick so they could play Fortnite with Joey. They were very loud and the next door neighbour was very annoyed. When Joey’s mam got home he got back into his bed he put a thermometer in a cup of tea. Joey’s mam came in and saw his temperature. She was very worried but then she heard James screaming ‘Joey is gonna be busted and grounded for life!!!’

100 w/c by Nathan

It was Christmas eve so Jack and Jill did some shopping for some late presents.

” What shop are we going to ?” ask Jill

“We are going to Bill’s and Bill’s” said Jack.

”Ok off we go!”

Jack and Jill were at the shop. Jill shouted,” Where is he?”

Jack was at the other side of the shop. He bamboozled himself and got lost. He did not know where to go. I will look for her he said in his head . Soon after Jack gave up and all of a suddenly he felt really ill. Jack collapsed on the floor in pain crying “help me!”.

” Jack!” Jill shouted, “are you alright?”.

Willy Wonka by Mya

One day in the chocolate factory, Willy Wonka in his red jacket thought he could eat all the chocolate. So he started to eat the chocolate. He went to the bathroom but after he felt really ill. He came out and started eating more chocolate. He vomited on the chocolate and fainted. The Oompallompas helped him up. They all went to the doctors. Willy Wonka saw his father who he hasn’t seen in 10 years. They hugged and Willy Wonka woke up. He started crying loudly. He went down stairs and got a glass of water he felt a lot better.

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time my sister and I were going to a rollercoaster. When we got there we saw the line for the ride it was massive. My sister said go and line up quickly so I did. We were very far from the top of the line. The rollar coaster looked so cool, we had been waiting two hours. My sister said let’s go it’s taking to long come on. No I’m not going home. Ok fine my sister said. Suddenly we got to the top. The attendant said go I was so excited. After the he felt really ill…

Poison Immune by Luke

I’m going on a walk to get some hot chocolate. “Can I have a hot chocolate with marshmallows please,” he asked. “Yeah here you go,” said the waiter. “Thank you,” I said. I started to walk home with my hot chocolate. When I got home I felt Ill. “Doctor he felt really ill I checked he had no temperature,” my mam said worryingly. The next day we went the hospital. When we got there the doctor said that I had lots of arsenic in my body but then the doctor said I was immune to poison so I’m safe.

The Aviva by Kyle

I was standing in the tunnel, ready to make my Ireland debut against England. I felt really nervous and ill so I told my team mate. He said to just focus. Then we walked out. I could hear him tell the rest of the team “he felt really ill”. I could see all the fans in green and white. I was so nervous I wanted to just run away. Then the match started. I was playing striker. The whole match went without one chance but in the last minute a cross came my way. I got a looping header on it and it sailed over the keeper into the net! It was the best feeling ever.

Poison by Kayleigh

My brother and I were baking cookies for our grandpa. My brother was putting something in the dough. He said it was flavouring so I told him to add loads. After a while we went to grandpa’s house. We gave him his cookies, he had two and left the rest for later after tea. My brother and I were preparing tea because grandpa told us he felt very ill, he was in the sitting room watching television and he was laughing but he started coughing then all of a sudden it was silent.

All we could hear was boiling…..

The Winter Cold by Katie

It was winter there was a cold going around. No one wanted to get it, it was a really bad cold. Tim went out to get food so he put on his mask. He got all the things he needed but when he got home he felt really ill. He got really worried he had the really bad cold that was going around. So he rang the to make an appointment to see the doctor. After a while he drove to the doctor. The doctor said that he had the really bad cold that was going around. He had to stay at home.

…he felt really ill… by Jasmin

The little boy down the road didn’t feel well.. The whole entire road knew about it because his mother is a bit Kookoo in the head ya know. I offered to bring him to the doctor’s, so that’s what I did. He felt really ill, the doctor didn’t know what was wrong so she gave him a Covid test just to check…..

The test came back as positive and let me tell you his mother went INSANE, no one could believe it! He stayed in lockdown for 2 weeks… You won’t believe what happens next…

The end of part 1….

Poor Mike by Eden

One cold, frosty November evening, Mike and his family were having dinner. They all had had a long day so they were all pleased to have dinner together. A little while later, after dinner Mike began to feel ill. His parents thought that he would be ok so they just told him to lie down. Then he felt really ill so his dad decided to bring him down to the local doctors. The roads were quite frosty so they decided to walk down the quiet streets. When they got there the doctor told him he only had a stomach ache.

Dublin City Lights by Donnchadh

Last night two teenagers were walking down Grafton street when one boy collapsed he felt really ill too.

His friend shouted for help! A passer-by stopped.

“What’s the matter with him”?

“I really don’t know”

The man dialled 999. Five minutes later they could hear sirens.

The paramedics ran to the boy. They took his pulse. They shone a light in his eyes. “What happened here?”

“I don’t know!”

“Did he take anything?”

“No, we were at a party last night, he said he had a sore throat and felt feverish.”

I think he might have corona virus, everyone get back!

Tom is Ill by Daniels

One day Tim was playing football with his friends Ronald and Tom. It started to rain and they went home. The next day Tim was ill he didn’t go to school and to his training. Tim’s friends came to his house.

Can Tim go out? No said Tims mom he felt really ill.

Ok said Tim’s friends. Bye.

It was Monday and Tim felt good and he went back to school. He could now go to his training and play with his friends. One week later Tim had his birthday and invited all of his friends. They had a good football party and everyone was happy.

What a Birthday by Daniel

One day two brothers woke up early because it was Tom’s birthday! So Tom woke his brother Mark up and ran down the stairs. When Mark walked down stairs Tom was eating the cake. “Mom’s gonna kill us stop eating it!” Mark said. Just when he said that Tom ate all of the cake. Tom was sad and he felt  really ill too. The good news is Mark knows how to make that cake so he made another one. Later they were all eating the cake. Suddenly mam knew the cake wasn’t the exact same and said “TOM DID YOU EAT THE CAKE?”

Covid 19 by Callum

One day my mam, dad, sister, brothers daughter I decided to go on a walk decided to have long walk. As we were walking down the long road somebody sneezed and he was not wearing mask he was an idiot. As we finished our walk we had to get food for dinner suddenly John started to feel sick so we rushed home. He lay down in his bed all day long poor John. The next day we went to the hospital it turned out John has covid oh noooooooooo. We were worried and scared he felt really ill.

David’s Time to Shine by Ben

He felt really ill. David is about to perform his very famous music. Rumor has it, David hates crowds and that is a huge disadvantage. A warning was sent out saying “David if you don’t impress the judges there will be trouble and that is forbidden!” When David heard that, he was raging in the vacant room where he had broken a chair in half. It was very bizarre because everyone who has performed here, have never had these dastardly punishments! “David come to the stage immediately,” said the intercom. “Let’s do this!” shouted David. David went to the eerie stage and performed absolutely brilliantly.

Oh! No! by Ashton

There was once was a kid called James, he loved his grandpa so much. But one day the grandpa felt really ill. James was worried. It got worse. Grandpa had to go to a hospital. James was scared. His grampa has lost his sight.

One day James came into the hospital. ‘Grandpa hi.’

Grandpa said ‘who is that?’

James and his mam started to have tears down their  faces.

‘It’s me James!’

‘What James? I can’t see you!’

The nurse also said he forgot his memory. Later we went for ice cream gradpa has a wheelchair now. But he is ok.

…he was very ill… by Amy

There once was a little boy named Billy he was outside playing with his dog. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He went to tell his mam but  and his mam rushed him to the doctors. Billy felt like throwing up but he held it in. The doctor looked at what was wrong with him and his face went pale.

“What’s wrong with him?”said his mam

“He…..he has the virus.”

Everybody went silent. Then billy and his mam went home. 5 weeks later he didn’t get better…he felt very ill… But then he went back to the doctors and he finally got a cure for it.

Island by Alfie

Steve was on a plane and fast as lightning it crashed on an island in the middle of nowhere. Steve was the only one who survived he felt very ill. He needed to find a food source. He saw a tree that had fruits on it. He desperately took a fruit from the tree and ate it. It was disgusting, it was vomit fruit. Very thirsty he scoured for food and water, he found a river with fruits hanging over it. Quickly he started to drink and eat. The fruits were amazing. Swiftly he built a shelter because it started to rain heavily.

100 w/c by Tadhg

King Ronald was a very young man. He lived in a big white castle in Ireland, where there was a huge fields full of cows, sheep and horses. One bright Autumn morning, when the leaves were covering the floor, the cows were mooing. King Ronald went down to the fields. He suddenly fell. He started rolling down a small hill. It was King Bob! King Bob was quite a crafty old man always playing tricks on Ronald. But this time Ronald got very angry he went to his castle and started to fire cannons at him. Bob did the same and it ended up in death for both.

100 w/c by Rose

”Get me out of here you idiots!!” Zoe yelled at two guards who worked for the mental hospital at castle rock road. Why was she here, just ’cause she loves blood doesn’t mean she’s insane! They hauled her into a cell with a bunch of other people with different problems, there was one dude rolling around the floor whispering ”Time is an illusion’.’ And one other guy splattering black and white saying, ”we are just puppets!’ In a mad hatter voice. I needed to escape. I was a very crafty woman and killed just a few guards and, I felt the Autumn leaves crunch beneath me feet. ‘They kept me there for 3 MONTHS!’ Zoe thought’

‘They’re gonna pay…’

The Marshmallows went to the Blueberry’s House by Rorí

The white marshmallows went to the big castle made of leaves. They had gone for tea. They were dressed up in their best clothes. They were so exited to see the blueberry’s. The marshmallows brought their kids so they could play with the blueberry’s kids in the playground. They went to the playground to play hide and seek. All the leaves were blowing around and that scared the marshmallows so they got crafty and built a big gate so the leaves won’t get in. At seven in the morning they left to go back to their house. The marshmallows had fun.

The Crazy World by Mya

One Monday morning a kid named Jimmy was walking trough the woods. He fell over a stick and rolled down a big hill he was rolling so fast. He got up and saw a big white crafty castle with loads of glitter. He looked back and saw that he was leaving the woods. He went into the castle and saw a tiny goblin with a huge fairy he thought it was a dream. The fairy was very kind she gave Jimmy a chocolate it tasted like heaven. Jimmy started to get dizzy and feel sick he fainted and woke up in his bedroom on his bed……..

100 w/c by Matthew

One Saturday my brother and I woke up and we went on an adventure. We were going to a castle that was right beside us. The castle was big, scary and white. When we are having a tour, when we saw a crafty artist, he was really good. My brother said he is so talented. We saw this ginormous hill so we were going to be rolling down this in 3, 2, 1, go! When we were rolling, we were going into loads of leaves. Suddenly it started to rain so we ran as fast as we could to home.

The Next Generation by Luke

“Welcome to the future, but with my ‘next gen tech’ it will be the past!” exclaimed Samuel White.

” This is the doodler, it takes you back in time,” he said.

“With the doodler you can go back to when people lived in castles and leaves battlefields with heads!” he yelled.

“The way to turn it on is very crafty, you start rolling this knob and push this button and voila it is done!” he said to the crowd.

“You know what? I am going to be a cave man, bye!” he yelled out to the world.

Boom! The whole world was destroyed, it wasn’t ready for time travel.

Best Friends by Kyle

Once upon a time, there was a fox and a wolf. The fox was ginger, brave, skinny and kind. The wolf was white, long, slender and trust worthy. They were the best of best friends. During the autumn they were very crafty. They loved making pictures with the leaves and playing games together, rolling through the plants. They also loved going on adventures. One snowy Christmas morning when they were just wandering around, the two of them discovered a huge castle. They agreed that they would go inside and explore it. This would be one of their best, most exciting and remarkable adventures yet!

The White Castle by Kayleigh

I was having a dream…. in the dream I said I wanted to be a princess when I grow up. I don’t know why, I just thought being a princess was crafty. I said I want to live in a BIG white castle and have 11 pets… I know that’s a bit much but remember this was just a dream. In my princess room I have a wall of ivy leaves. Every day I would bring out my dog and we would go rolling down the hill with each other. I woke up and looked around my room for the leaf wall… it wasn’t there.

The Crazy Art Teacher by Katie

In school today we have art class. The teacher name was Ms. White everyone thinks she is really crazy. It was Autum, so today in art she said to do a castle with leaves around it. Most of the time she is very crafty but not today. They were all moaning to go outside to roll down the hill. So she said they could so they went running out the classroom as fast as they could. They started rolling down the hill. They had so much fun they would want to do it again tomorrow and the next day as well.

100 w/c by Jasmin

The princess was in her castle doing her usual crafty art work. A few minutes later Mr. White came in to check on her, on his way out he mentioned lockdown or something the princess didn’t hear what he said,

Until she turned on her tv to watch some news and saw the news reporter wearing a mask and what looked to be a space suit! But it wasn’t a space suit or just any old mask it was about the Corona virus. The princess looked out her window to see the leaves rolling by on the wonderful white snow wishing she could be out there.