100 w/c by Tadhg

It was roasting hot day in the Amazon Rainforest and Mike the mouse was running down the road looking for his wife Mary the mouse. She had disappeared with their children to find materials for their new house. Mike went towards the river. He had a big brainstorm. “Ehh they must be going towards the shop” said Mike’s brain. “Yes!” said Mike to himself. He started running. “Where is the shops?” it panted (Mike of course). He’s asked the Liam the leopard. It was a massive mistake by Mike. That unfortunately was the end for Mike but his family still made their new house.

100 w/c by Rose

I was playing Chess with my friend Kiri after a rough day of school. It was a good game, until a stranger ran up to us. “Which way to the shops?” He panted, he was wearing sunglasses and a suit. Looked important. “It is down the road” I answered. Right after replying, he bolted down that direction. I was intrigued. I parted ways with Kiri and followed the man. He soon arrived at the shop and he busted through the door, and that’s when I saw it. Little bears with claws long and sharp as knives. Red, zigzag eyes and a look for chaos.

It by Nathan

Muaaaaaa!!! It is born. Boom lighting strut the ground.

Hello master what do you need.

I need you kill my worst foe, but first get me my favorite bar of chocolate .

What one is that sir.

You don’t know I coded you with all the knowledge in world and you don’t know what the best cholate bar is.

What is it sir.

ZIZ ZAG!!!!!!

Ok, which way is the shops? it panted.

Are you ok said the master you are leaking oil.

Boom flames engulfed the lab

Sir Sir where are you sir.

Poor Keven by Mya

On Saturday Keven the talking horse moved to New York. When he got there he had no food. So he tried to find a shop. When he was walking he saw a 7 year old walking. He asked the girl ’Which way to the shops?’it panted. The girl scream and ran away from poor Keven. When ever Keven talk everyone would run away. Keven didn’t know what was so wrong with him. He went home and try to sleep on a normal bed but he was to used laying on a hay bale poor Keven was so upset he was laying on his bed all night awake.

Portal Madness by Luke

I was on a walk this morning and when I was passing the library. There was a giant whoosh and then a portal opened. There was something there. “Which way to the shops?” It panted. Then I recognised the voice it was my brother. I asked him what happened. He said a portal opened and he started falling in a different planet on his way to the shop. He had a bad day and he said I still have to get to the shop to get everything for our mam. We went to the shop and got everything we needed.

A Mysterious Friend by Kyle

Barry the Bunny was having a nice stroll up the road with his new mysterious friend on a bright, sunny Sunday morning. They had their day all planned out. They would go to Café Animmalé for breakfast, and then go for a walk to the Animal Groomers to get their hairs trimmed. After that they would go back to Barry’s and have a Sunday roast. It was going to be brilliant. On the way to the groomers, Barry’s mysterious friend started running unexpectedly. Barry caught up to them. His friend had a question. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. Barry showed them. What they picked up from the fridges gave Barry a terrible fright. Rabbit meat! Barry’s friend took off his mask. ‘Yes’, they said. ‘I am a wolf!’ They started chasing Barry. What would happen next?

The Talking Dinosaur by Kayleigh

It was a Friday evening and it was the night before my brothers birthday. Earlier today I went to the shop to buy him a present. When I was walking through the toy isle I found a dinosaur toy. Since my brother loves dinosaurs I bought him the toy. I brought it home and hid it under my bed until tomorrow. When I gave him the toy he thanked me and hugged me. When he took the toy out of the box it started talking. It was also panicking. ‘Which way to the shops’ it panted.. I didn’t read the box properly because the box said it could talk.

The Wonderful Creation by Katie

Once there was a scientist that wanted to make a wonderful creation to. His idea was to make a talking dog. His was practicing for ages finally he made one. He called him Teddy he needed to go to the shops to get special ingredients so he can eat. The dog can find directions as well. He Said ‘Which way to the shops?’it panted because the dog was really thirsty. Teddy said “to the left” and they got all the ingredients. He made the food for teddy and had a big meal. Now he loves his new best friend.

100 w/c by Jasmin

Sunny, Friday afternoon, they were on a walk through Green Grassy parks. Emma nearly fell down a drain, but what’s new! Emma spotted a dog but the dog looked neglected, starved and very thirsty. Tadgh being Tadgh, took the dog with him. ” We should go to the shop to get food and water for him.” Chirped Emma. They were on the way to the shop when they heard a noise. “Did you hear that?” Said Tadgh. “Nope!” replied Emma.

“WHICH WAY TO THE SHOPS” “HELLO PEOPLE DO YOU HEAR MEE??” Panted the dog. Emma and Tadgh were left in shock.

Late by Eden

’Hurry up!’, I told my talking dog, Noodles, as we were running. ‘Which way to the shop?’, it panted. We knew we close but we also knew that we were lost. We spent about another 20 minutes looking for it until we found it. We bought it as quick as we could and left.

‘We’re late.’ Noodles growled super obviously like I didn’t already know it. We barged through the door and gave it to my mum. ‘We got the milk and butter Mum!’, I told her. I think we definitely spent way too much time getting them.

The Magical Dog by Donnchadh

4 o’clock in the afternoon I finally woke up from magical dream. I’ll tell you all about it. So it started of with me. I was walking down through the city. I was going to SuperValu when suddenly a flying dog appeared. It flew towards the beach. I ran after it. I got a shock because the flying dog could also talk. It said which way to the shops it panted. I need to pick up a few sausages and a new squeaky ball. My last one burst and I do like a good chase. Woof, Woof.

Monster Race by Daniel

It was night in monster land and all the zombies are going to a race. When they got there they all got ready. “ 3 2 1 “ Said Bigfoot and all the zombies ran. Suddenly one zombie pushed another zombie and he cracked his skull. There was four zombies left. Ten minutes late they got to the city and one bumped into a human. “ Which way to the shop” it panted. The human ran away and the zombie chased the others. Bigfoot was standing at the shop near the finish line when he saw the zombies. He pulled out a gun and killed them.

The Incredible Hulk by Callum

Finally the enclosures were ready. The FBI and I had a project to build enclosures for undiscovered species. One of the species were very unusual because it could shape-shifting from human to a very unusual creature. We kept hostage and took DNA tests. But on the last day of the DNA tests the shape-shifting creature freaked out and then turned into a human and escaped. We quickly and fearfully ran towards the creature. As it ran to a person and said which way to the shops? It panted. It had been shot by a pointy dart so it needed some ice and the vinegar to put on the deep mark.

Random Voice by Ben

I was walking down the road on a nice Sunday evening when I heard a crazy sounding voice from the ally “Hello” said the voice. “I don’t like whatever your plan is so please just show yourself!” I said while scared for my life. The voice spoke again. “Which way is the shops” he panted. “I’m only going to show you the way if you show your identity” “Fine” it was a man in pitch black clothes “Tell me now or else there’ll be a lot of trouble.” “NOW” I didn’t want to tell him in case he tried to kidnap me so I made a run, but I knew from this moment on I made a huge mistake.

The Clown by Amy

It was just a normal day when all of a sudden I saw a clown in my garden! It was picking at my plants so I ran outside to it. It ran away but I chased after it. But he ran up to a stranger and said.

“Where are the shops?” It panted.

“Over there” He pointed.

“Beide the playground.” The clown ran to the shop to hide but I found it.

“Why were you in my garden?” I said

“I’m sorry I thought it was my neighbour’s.” It said

“That’s okay but just please don’t do that again.

The Extra Terrestrial by Alfie

“There’s a strange planet in front of me what should I do captain wait I have been hit I am going down Mayday Mayday!”. “Come in captain!” No answer. Then a peculiar creature raced up the road “which way to the shops? ” It panted “come on I don’t have all day”it said. “I don’t know” “you’re not from around here are you can I at least know your name my names Alex” said Alex “my name is Blorf ” said Blorf. “Why do you wear that funny costume” said Alex “this is not a costume” said Blorf “it is not”.

It?? by Aaron

As I was walking down the forest path I came upon some sort of green plant. It wasn’t a weed because it moved when I came back up. Now it was on my car? I decided to ignore it and focus on my school essay to finish when I got home. As I was driving home I stopped at the junction and…” which way to the shops?” it panted.” ”AAAAAAAHHHHH”! As fast as I possibly could I slammed on the brakes to make it fly across the road and land on the road, then get it run over.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a horrible winters day. Jake and Gilmour were trying to adorn the house for Christmas Day. They had to switch off the power for five minutes. So they could put up a new socket in the wall. The lights went out and when they turned back on the power. There was a flash of light, then, darkness filled the house. The power was gone… Jake was afraid because their phones needed to charge. They were afraid to leave the house because they did not think it was safe. About seven hours later the power came back.

White Room by Rose

I opened my eyes groggily, ‘How long was I out?’ I looked around the room. It was all white, with one black intercom in the corner of the room. I was strapped onto a wooden chair. My mouth was, luckily, free to move around. The room didn’t seem to have any doors, or the door was well hidden. A female voice started speaking through the intercom.

”It’s a good thing you finally woken up! I was starting to wonder if we actually killed you!”

”Huh-?!” Who was that?! I’m so confused! then suddenly, I saw a flash of light, then, darkness.

I.. remember.. How I ended up here.

”Oh? I didn’t expect you to realize your situation so quickly! You’re pretty smart!”

100 w/c by Rorí

“Get out of here!” Shouted the man as we ran away from Area51. We robbed an alien and called it Joe. It was so dark out we couldn’t see then all of a sudden a ,big flash of light, then darkness. I here was a mothership In front of us we were scared. All of a sudden carrots appeared so we ate all to get better eyesight. When we finished them we could see everything. When we got back to my house we went in and ate dinner he ate everything. So we were all starving and eventually happy died.

The Robber Part II

‘Wake up, you survived the bullet to the face but you sadly now have a 6 inch scar down your face’.

BAM!, BAM! ,BAM! The bullet sound got louder.

‘You are coming with me said the kidnapper’.


Suddenly Joe saw a flash of light, then, darkness.

‘Ugh!, where am I’ said Joe tiredly.’

‘have a guest oh wait I have the answer in the kidnapper’s van’.

‘How did I end up here’?

‘I hit you with a flash bomb, then wacked you with my baseball bat’.

Joe scanned the back of the van and luckily he saw the key for the van and he made his magic escape.

Oh! No! I’m Dead by Mya

Charli was a weird girl who dies then come back to life but today was a different type of death. Charli had an enemy called Mia, Mia was a liar who would say that you hurt her even though you didn’t. So there was a party on a roof and Charli and Mia were going but little did Charli know she was going to die again. When they got there Mia start to push Charli. Charli didn’t care because she cant die. Mia pushed Charli of the roof Charli say …A flash of light then darkness… everyone started to scream but Charli didn’t come back to life.

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time my friend Jimmy and I were going to Talaght stadium for a match, we couldn’t wait. It was gonna be a great day. After a while we got there. It was Shamrock rovers vs Bohemians. After the match it was a draw 3-3. It was packed getting out of the stadium when everyone got out the security guard closed the gates while we were still in the stadium. Suddenly there was lightning. A flash of light, then, darkness. Jimmy was scared and frightened. The stadium was flooded with rain. Jimmy and I never got out.

Blackout by Luke

I was walking down the street of New York. Then there was a flash of light then darkness. It was a blackout I thought so I went home. I turned on my backup generator and turned on the news they said that a car crashed into the city’s main power grid and blew a fuse then they said that there were people robbing the banks and people’s homes then my neighbor had a knock at his door. I looked out my front window and saw people with guns so I called the police station. They came really quickly and arrested them turns out they caused the blackout.

Would You Dare Part III by Kyle

Tom jumped behind the nearest ripped couch, terrified. A thought came through his head. Why was he doing all this? He could have simply just went home when he was bored instead of agreeing to come in here. Then, there was a flash of light, then, darkness again. It all happened within about a split second. He peeked out from behind the couch and everything seemed to be calm. Out of nowhere, he did something that required all the courage he could muster. He jumped out from behind the couch and made a run for it. As he flung the window open, he took one last look back and then jumped. A smooth landing, and then he ran. He wouldn’t ever go in there again!

Stormy and Rainy by Kayleigh

It was a stormy and rainy day. I was doomed. I had nothing to do so I called my friends. When they answered we played truth or dare. My mam called me down for dinner so I hung up and told them I’d call back after. After dinner I forgot to call them back. There was a screaming noises so I went out to check. Suddenly a flash of light, then darkness… I woke up in hospital. I asked my mam who was sitting right beside me why I was here. She told me I got struck by the lightning.

The Robber by Katie

Ellie was walking home from school. She had her house key because there was nobody else there. Ellie was walking up to her house then got her key out and unlocked the door. When she got home she done her homework she was upstairs.

A powerful noise came from down stairs she got scared. Ellie ran over and cuddle up in the corner. A flash of light, then, darkness Ellie is really scared of the dark. She called her mam and said “mam I think there’s a robber in the house” her mam replied “it is ok call the police” so she did.

100 w/c by Jasmin

*BANG BANG BANG!* Stella was home alone and knew her mum wasn’t due from work until 10.30pm, its 8.45pm. Stella crinkled up into the closet in fear. The front door of the house creeked open. Misty, the dog ran to the door to see what the noise was. In that moment Stella remembered she had forgotten to grab Misty on her way to hide in the closet. She could see little flashes of lights kind of like flashlights of some sort. A flash of light then darkness, all of a sudden Misty’s barks stopped.

The Not So Nice Hotel by Emma

Today we’re go on a road trip. Eva, Ava and I are going to California. So first I drove to their house to pick them up.

Then Ava suggested we get fast food. I got noodles and sweet and sour chicken it was so nice.

5 hours later

The sun is going down at 9 pm. At night we’re starting to get tired so I’m going to look for a motel. oh there’s one. It s one minute away, bit it’s one star. I’ll go, me too, said Ava and Eve so we got there and got our room and when we walked in a flash of light then darkness ahhhh!!

The Stormy Day by Daniels

One day there was a storm outside . My baby brother Eden and I were inside the house suddenly a flash of light then darkness was in the room. Eden started to cry big tears. I got Eden to stop crying, eventually. Three hours passed and I was still trying to get the electricity back. I finally got the it back and I put Eden to bed. The next day Eden’s friend Tighe came over to my house they played hide and seek. At six Tighe went home and it was really late so me and Eden went to bed at the same time.