Tree Warriors – Ben F

When I visit my Nanny and Grandad’s house in Raheny we often go to St. Anne’s Park to play. It is a very large park with lots of green tall trees and walkways. My Grandad told me that the council was planning on cutting down a lot of trees and making shops and restaurants. He was not very happy as he has been going there since he was a kid. He brought me and my brother down to the park that Sunday as the workmen were going to be cutting down the trees the next day. When we got there, there were crowds of people gathered around. When we got up close, we could finally see what was happening. There was ‘Tree Warriors’ that came to life to save the park.

Kung Fu Trees – by Ben H

Legend has it that there was once a wizard who lived deep in he woods in his little cottage. The wizard loved to do experiments in his lab.One day the wizard saw people near his cottage building a park. The wizard felt a bit scared so he built a wall around his house to keep his cottage secret from the people. The wizard did an experiment to make Kung fu trees around his cottage to be safe and protected. He didn’t want the trees to hurt the people so he made them into statues just to frighten people away because he was a kind and loving wizard.

Leaf Stinger – by Benito

One beautiful, summer’s day weird tree men were in the park for their combat training. They trained and trained and trained and trained from morning to night. By the next day they were too tired to train. Suddenly, a leaf creature stepped forward. The weird tree men were confused. The leaf man said his name was Leaf Stinger. Leaf Stinger wanted to train with them. They agreed. So from then on, Leaf Stinger always trained with them. Sometimes they went out to fight bad guys. The next day Leaf stinger wasn’t feeling well, they took him to the doctor.

….To Be Continued….

Exploring – by Bobby

I was in the park with my friends. Tadhg said that he wanted to go exploring in the forest. We all agreed and set off for an adventure. As we got deep into the forest we began to hear strange noises like branches cracking and breaking. We looked up to see the forest closing in on us, it was like angry wooden soldiers had popped out of the ground. They were starring and began shouting at us to leave the forest. We ignored them and walked towards them. As we got close we realised they were wooden statues, and it was Tadhg shouting making the noise.

Nature Trail – Caitlin

One sunny evening me and my classmates were on a very exciting nature trail. I was very excited but I was exhausted too.

BANG, CRASH, THUMP, THUD! The noise echoed as the whole forest came crashing down like a giant cucumber being sliced by a knife.

“Are you OK?” came a voice from a distance.

“Yes!” shouted the teacher.

I looked around to see where the voice was coming from and as the person came closer we could hear them more clearly.

“Who are you?” he asked me.

“Me?” I shrugged.
“Yes you”.

“I’m Caitlin……”

I gulped as there was another thud just as my teacher collapsed to the ground.

The Twig Men – by Dale

One day I was walking through the park when I saw seven twig men. I wondered to myself what were they there for. As I was standing looking at them the Park Ranger came along in his truck. I asked him, “where did they come from?” The Park Ranger told me that he and other Park Rangers had made them. They made them out of twigs that had fallen from the trees. The Warden told me they have yoga classes in the park and they made these to help explain to people what yoga is. I was so excited I signed up for 10 classes.

The Weird Aliens From Jupiter – Dylan S

One day I was walking in the woods peacefully. When I hit the middle of the woods there was a spaceship made out of wood. The aliens said they had come down from the planet Jupiter . They look very weird. All of them were made out of wood. They had skinny twig arms and skinny twig legs.

I offered to show them around the place. They had no names so I gave them some… John, Paul, George and Ringo. Pretty cool names don’t you think?

I brought them to McDonalds to get a grand Big Mac because they were really hungry. When we got back to the spaceship they did some funny exercises. I hope they visit me again soon.

Save the Palm Trees – by Frank

Once there was a group of Palm Tree Savers. They had arrived from the Magic Tree World. They arrived because something bad was happening on the earth. They were angry because people wanted to cut down the palm trees from the biggest rainforest in world.  If we have no palm trees some of the animals will be gone forever. The Palm Tree Savers were very angry that the people wanted to ruin the nature of the world. They called all the animals and plants from the world. They forced the people that were cutting dwon the palm trees to leave the rainforest.

The Dream – by Hannah

On one sunny day I was walking to school,I felt excited because my class was going on a school tour to the woods. When I got to school it was already time to get on the bus.
I felt tiredd because my mam had woken me up at 7:00am. Suddenly I fell into a deep sleep.  I had a dream where I saw a whole army of real life trees and they were attacking the earth.

Suddenly I heard a voice saying ”now did everyone enjoy the school tour?” It was my teacher, I had missed the whole school tour.

The Strangest Thing I Ever Saw – James

A few years ago my family, my dog and I were going to the forest to explore. My brother and I hid behind a tree so we could scare my parents. But as we were about to scare my parents I saw the strangest thing. I remember shouting THAT TREE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! My Mam actually jumped into my Dad’s arms. Then it walked up to me and… waved! And then it said it wanted to be friends. I was shocked that it could talk, was alive and that it was nice. After that day we’ve been friends ever since.

The Trees Moving – Jody

One day Kate and her bigger sister Katie were going to the shop. It was a lovely sunny day so they walked the long way, through the forest park. They were enjoying the gorgeous weather when suddenly they came across strange shapes in the grass. The shapes looked like trees doing their exercises. Kate was very scared . She grabbed her sister and ran all the way home. When they reached the house Kate cried to her mam. “It is only the new art show by the young kids in the school, there is no need to be afraid” said mam. Kate was very relieved.

April Fool’s Day – Kyle

My mam said that this year was her year to get fit and healthy.  She got a set of weights, a yoga mat, a kettle bell and a skipping rope. She also started jogging. She found out that a yoga group started in a local park. She decided to check it out. When she got there she saw a group of stick men doing stretches. She didn’t like the look of that and left straight away. She looked behind her and they were running all over the place trying to frighten people. She then realised it was April fool’s Day. She went back the week after for a proper lesson.

Sunny Day – by Lena

One sunny day, me and my parents went to the park . While we were walking we saw something very strange. It looked like people made out of twigs doing yoga.

“Why are you staring at us “? Said one of the people.

We couldn’t believe our eyes. At first we thought that it was a dream, but it wasn’t .

“We’re just people made out of twigs doing yoga.” Said one of the people.

“It’s not something that you would see that often !” Said my mam.

We started to walk away , but the person kept following us .

” Come on, the lesson is going to end soon,” said another one of those people .

” Fine! ” said the other one.

Once he went away so did we.

The Creepy Ninjas by Nico

One time in China there were ninja’s training with their sensei, called Adam. Every night they turned evil and robbed shops. They also rob more and more things. In the morning they act like nothing bad happend. Every single night everything the same thing happens over and over again. One time they went to a forest and found out that the not evil ninja’s came. They deafeated the bad ninjas, who were really robots. All the good ninjas went to their sensei because the ninjas looked the same as the other bad ninjas. Then they all ended up happyand great.

Stick Men – by Sophie

One day Suney, my sister, and I went camping in a big, green forest. We saw  stick men people, their hair was as long as two rulers . There were seven of them , they were very skiny. They were being weird . I didn’t undedstand what they were doing. My sister said that they were doing a dance but I said no they were doing yoga .

‘Ooyambagum!’ they then said. They were doing the yoga dance so quickly that they exploded.. Fire was everywhere. I did not know why they exploded and I never knew why .

The People Made out of Trees – by Noemi

One sunny morning Bob and Kevin were walking down to the forest. Suddenly Bob and Kevin saw a lot of people made out of trees. Although they thought they came from Canada they were wrong. The People were big,fat and brown. Bob and Kevin just ignored them and then the people started to do gym moves and gymnastics. Bob and Kevin laughed. After a while Bob and Kevin went to the Night Zoo. The Night Zoo owner didn’t own the people out of trees. They came because they wanted the whole land for themselves and to scare people. Bob and Kevin solved the problem.

String People by Ula

One day a girl called Lia and her mom, Leena, went to a wood. As they walked around they suddenly stopped……They saw a bunch of people made out of string. Every one was in a weird move. Lia and Leena each took a picture of the bunch of people made out of string. Two days later Lia went to school and drew a picture of the string people. The picture almost looked like the real thing! As the week faded Lia and her friend Lora had a playdate. The girls and Leena went to the wood and saw the string people again!

Aliens – by Whitney

People in my neighborhood say that aliens lived on earth before humans. But I never seemed to have believed them. One bright and sunny afternoon me and Preston, my friend, went out to the woods which is only a few minutes away. When we got there it was full of, ALIENS!!! They were coming for revenge. We hid under a big tree watching them run. Suddenly an alien saw us, we ran back home. I told my mom, then my mom said I sould never ever go there again. Now I am still thinking if aliens used to live in the world.

100 w/c Caitlin

“Its 12:00 o’clock at night, I can’t believe we are still out Caitlin,” said my annoying little brother.

I say he is annoying because he is always banging on his black and white drums at home pretending that he knows what he is doing.

“Are we there yet?” he asked.

“You’ll find out in a while now shhhhh” I told him.

“I’m borrrreee…..” he moaned.

I interrupted him as we finally reached the spot.

“You go in there” I said as I pointed toward a boarded up house.

We walked over to the crooked door and suddenly we heard a rustling sound beside us.

“What was that?” my brother said trembling.

” I don’t know but it came down the drainpipe!” I said as we both ran away with fear.

100 w/c – Bobby

It was an overcast day as we cycled to my Nanny’s house. My Mam cycled behind me as we followed the rainbow to the shop. We bought Nanny a box of Heroes. We continued our journey until we arrived at Nanny’s house. We rang the doorbell and waited for an answer. Grandad answered the door with a big smile on his face. I was playing hurling with my cousins in the back garden. I hit the sliotar onto the roof and it came down the drainpipe with a bang. We had a great day in Nanny’s, it was the best day ever.

100 w/c – Dale

One wet windy Wednesday, I went to the pet shop to look to buy a pet. I looked at the fish,dogs,cats and rabbits. I thought to my self I don’t like any of them. Walking home l saw a mouse on a porch roof . It came down the drainpipe and I caught hold of him. My Mam would not let me bring the mouse into the house. I had to sneak him into the house without her seeing me. While my Mam was cooking the dinner I crept up the stairs. I put some holes into an old shoebox and put Jordan the mouse into it. It’s been 2 weeks since I brought Jordan home and my Mam still doesn’t know Jordan is in my room.

100 w/c – Dylan B

One fabulous sunny day. My friends and I were on my play station and all of a sudden the game crashed!!! Although the game crashed I was still going to have fun . Suddenly I decided I will going to pull a prank . I was going to go outside and make noises .and then put something down the drainpipe . It’s time to pull the prank. I put the snake down the drainpipe.” What is that”Matthew. “Ahhhhhh” and it came down the drainpipe. It was a funny moment. We were all laughing so hard. Matthew got so angry it made it funnier.

100 w/c Dylan S

One stormy Tuesday I was in my house playing my play station. I was playing Fifa 18 with my brother. When it was half time i had a look out the window and saw a snake as it came down the drainpipe, it was very colourful and slow. It finally made it’s way down and went slithering into the shed. I told my brother and we got our coats on and went to investigate. When we got over to the shed we both heard him hissing and slithering, looking for food. He saw a mouse and ate it up in one gulp, lucky he didn’t eat me!

100 w/c – Hannah

On one sunny summers day I was walking to school when I bumped into my friend. Did I tell you that my friend loves playing pranks on me but she does not like when other people prank her? Suddenly I came up with an idea. I will pull a prank on her. She really hates snakes, so my prank will definitely involve snakes. I got one of my toy snakes and put it in the drainpipe at her house just before she got into the shower. I waited and then I heard a terrifying scream.


100 w/c- Haylie

One summer day, Emily and her family where having a BBQ. They invited friends and family over, Emily was so excited to spend time with her cousins playing on the trampoline and swing set.
Everyone was having a great time chatting away and eating burgers and ribs. All of a sudden the clouds got very dark and a strange noise filled the sky. Everyone went inside because it seemed like it was going to rain. We heard lots of loud bangs on the roof of the house, we knew it was too loud to be rain. We went outside to investigate and suddenly penguins came down the drainpipe. Everyone SCREAMED…

100 w/c – James

One day me and my friends were doing a paper aeroplane challenge. Then I heard a strange noise. It sounded like ‘hiss’, it was super freaky. Then my paper aeroplane flew into the drainpipe. Although we are only nine we went to get it. But when we found the paper plane a thing came down the drainpipe. When it came down the drainpipe we were scared to go back up. It was getting closer we didn’t know where to go in the filthy slimy drainpipe. But then we found out it was Simon the cat. We brought him back to his owner.

100 w/c – Jody

Last week Megan and Daisy went out shopping with their mam, dad, nanny and grandad for Christmas clothes. They both got their favourite colour dresses. Megan got a pink one and Daisy got a blue one and there were diamonds on them.

“It is time to go,” mam said.

They were so excited to go home and try their dresses on.

“Oh no my diamond is about to fall off,” said Daisy,”Oh no! It fell down the drainpipe!”

Their dad had to put his hand down the pipe.

“Ew” said Megan.

But Daisy didn’t mind once he found her diamond!

100 w/c – Kyle

One Friday when I came home from school my Dad had our couches turned upside down the table and chairs where the same and the beds where all pulled out. I didn’t know what was happening. He told me that when he was watching TV that morning he saw a mouse run behind the chair. We spent the whole weekend trying to catch it by putting down traps. We eventually caught it under my bed. He thinks it came down the drainpipe. Our whole weekend was ruined because my Dad would not leave the house until he got it.

100 w/c – Lena

On Halloween night me and my friends went trick or treating. While we were trick or treating we heard a weird noise. We turned around to see what it was  but we didn’t see anything. We continued trick or treating . We heard the noise again.

“Let’s go look for something that could have made that noise,”  said my friend. When we were looking for something we saw a big, old drainpipe. We heard the weird noise coming out of the drainpipe.

“It might be a spider ?”said one of my friends. As it came down the drainpipe we got really scared. The spider was big, purple and it had black dots. Me and my friends ran home after seeing it.

100 w/c – Nicol

One day the insects were in the sink, for them it was a pool . Jack was an insect, he brought his ball with him . Jack and his parents went to the pool . Then Sean came and unpluged the plug . Everybody was drowing. Jack’s ball went down the drainpipe . Jack was sad that it came down the drainpipe . Jack did not know how to get the ball back. His Dad wanted to go down the drainpipe and get it back , so he did that. He went down the drainpipe and got Jack’s ball. He went back up and Jack was so happy that the ball was back and he never lost it again .