100 w/c – Ben F

It was the last day of school before the summer holidays and it was the final of the seniors football match. St Molagas were playing the Gael Scoil in the big final. The whole school was there to watch. There was excitement in the air. The clock was ticking and the score was one goal each. There was one minute left on the clock and St Molagas had the ball. The Gael Scoil defenders could not catch them now, athough they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. One strike and the ball went past the keeper, Goal!!!! The final whistle blew. The had won the cup. The whole school cheered.

100 w/c – Bobby

It was a lovely warm and bright sunny day as I walked to the gym with my friend Callum. We were both training for a charity run for Childline. Last week we reached a good time on the treadmill, and this week we have set ourselves a new target to reach. When we arrived at the gym our friends were already on the treadmills, and although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to reach the target set for this week. The Charity run was two weeks later, and we all passed the finish line in record time.

100 w/c – Dale

It was a lovely, hot, Summer’s day. My family and I decided to go to the park. We all got into the car and set off. When we got there, we all got out of the car and went to explore. We saw birds, flowers and butterflies. Then we all heard a big bang, we just thought it was someone dropping something. We saw a flash so I asked my dad “what was that”? He said “it was probably lightening”!!! We all ran then I looked behind me and there was a storm but, although we ran quickly we were still not making enough progress. It started to lash rain. We all got soaking wet, but we really enjoyed it.

100 w/c – David

One sunny day a man went to work. There was a fire alarm. Although they ran quickly ,they were still not making enough progess. The bell stopped ringing. The they all went back to work. When it was lunch time they all went to buy some food. He had to go back to work. When he finished work he went home. It took him an hour to get home. Happily he went to Tesco and bought crisps. He ate them when he was in the car. Finally he got home. Then he went to bed. He had a great day.

100 w/c- Dylan S

It was a sunny day and St. Molaga’s were having a sports day. Everyone there was having so much fun with all of the activities, even the teachers were taking part. One of the activities was called Ninja warrior. It was one of the best games in the whole entire world. Our teacher split us into two equal groups…Yellow versus Blue. I was on the yellow team. As teacher was counting down from three, we all went flying along the track. Although they ran quickly, the blue team were still not making enough progress to beat the yellows. When both of the teams were at the last part, we had to climb this big wall and my team won. We were all so happy.

100 w/c – Hannah

One day my sister,brother and me were stuck inside because it was lashing outside. We decided that we would play the X-box. My older sister and brother got the remotes before me. I went to get a drink of water when suddenly a saw a flash of light and heard a big BANG! I went to see what was going on when out of now were I saw them stuck in the video game. On the top of the screen it said you need to get progress to get out of the game. When I looked back at them they had already started playing and they were running really quickly. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO……………………….

100 w/c – Hasher

One day Bob and his friends were walking to the carnival. The carnival was very close to the forest and the forest was haunted. They went on the rollercoaster, Bob screamed ahhh!. After the rollercoaster they went to the circus it was fun but not for Bob. Bob hated clowns he was as scared as a snake. Bob and all his friends ran to the forest. Bob hid next to a tree as big as a house. Bob heard a creepy noise. He turns around and sees a one eyed orange monster it was as big as a elephant. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…because the monster was too fast, but it turns out the moster was friendly. They became best friends with the monster!

100 w/c – Haylie

Emily loves science and gets very excited when its time for science class. Her teacher had a new experiment for them to do today Exploding Volcano. Emily thought this was the best thing ever, they put on there googles, gloves and lab coat.The teacher showed them what to do and then got them to pair up and try it for themselves, but two of the boys decided they were going to experiment for themselves. They added extra acid to make it even bigger and better, but it was way to much the teacher told the kids to leave the room although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and BOOM they were all covered in red gooey lava.

100 w/c – Hollie

One day me and my friend Emma got home from school. We were very frustrated because we had a giant Norma’s science fair coming up. So we were passing around ideas when suddenly Emma came up with this great idea……. Why don’t we do a treadmill that you control that’s a great idea so we set off to start our project so we use metal bars in old curtain because then we wrapped the curtain around a steel board and attach them together. It’s been for ever I said although they were running Quick they were still not making a progress.

100 w/c – James

Today I am going to tell a story, about a granny in my estate who has a big apple tree in her front garden. The apples are red and shiny. One day a little boy called Jake was hungry. He saw the granny’s big apple tree and within two seconds he was picking an apple off the tree. But then the wrinkly old woman came out and start running towards Jake. She said “I will race you, if you win, you can have an apple.” Although they ran quickly, they still weren’t making enough progress, so the granny took a short cut and won. That’s why you “DONT STEAL GRANNY’S APPLES!!!”

100 w/c – Jody

One summer’s day Holly and Claire were walking to the shop. While they were there they saw an advertisement for a race. Claire and Holly wanted to be in that race. When they got home they started to train. Their mam helped them by getting them drinks and fruit to eat. The day finally arrived. They were super excited. There were loads of boys and girls in the race. Some were slow but some were fast, altough they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Claire and Holly were super fast and won the race and the trophy.

100 w/c – Lena

One sunny morning, While I was eating my breakfast I heard a loud voice saying ” Is everyone ready?!!!”. I was wondering what was happening . I asked my dad if we could go check what was happening and we went . Once we arrived at the place we asked some people what was happening. They said there is going to be a marathon . Me and my dad stayed for the marathon. When the marathon started all of the people ran. Although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress. After the marathon ended me and my dad went home . And I told my mam everything.

100 w/c – Luke

Three boys found an empty building and decided to go in. The boys made their way up the stairs, they got to the fifth floor but then they heard noises. One of the boys said he saw someone and although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress. The noise was getting closer and closer, they just wanted to get out. Then they heard the voices  and they were scared. They ran down to the bottom floor and got grabbed by the security guards. The noises and sounds they heard was the security guards looking for them. The security guards threw them out and told them never to come back. The boys were happy it was over!

100 w/c Matthew

“Yayyy!, We got a tiger! But he is a bit scary” said Jacky. “Yes, it is also really dangerous so dont try play with it like you do with your cat, Did you know that a tiger is also a cat?” said mom “Really?” Jacky exclaimned. “Yes its the biggest cat ever” said mom. Jacky really wanted a tiger but after a while….. “AHHH!”. Altough he ran quickly he did not finish enough progress. The tiger was coming and GULP. It just wanted the meat in Jacky’s hand, Jacky started giggling like he just heard a comedian say their most famous joke. “WHAT, WHAT HAPPEND?” while mom saw Jacky screaming and laughing on the floor, feeling like a fool she laughed away.

100 w/c – Nicol

One night two robers called Jack and John were planning to rob the bank . Jack is thrity-one and John is thrity-four , so at midnight Jack and John went to the bank as normal people . They ran to the safer and got all the money . the police saw Jack and John , they ran out of the bank . Although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress . They got caught and arested ……… One year later…….BANG BOOM BANG Jack and John got out of jail . The police never found them again . They were free like a bird.

100 w/c Noemi

On Friday mam and dad were fighting. Mam packed her bag and the bag fell down the stairs.
Although dad was trying to stop mam from moving. After one month mam came back dad was delighted to see mam back. Then after two years when dad and mam were sleeping. Mam and dad got robbed. The robbers stole one one hundred euro. They got out of bed and got changed to normal clothes and got in the car and left the house. Mam and dad were very sad to lose onr hundred euro . Although they ran quickly, mam and dad were still not making enough progress.

100 w/c Whitney

In three, two, one …ding dong. Ruth’s new runners came just before her race. She had a running race, she was running with her best friend Kendall against these two boys Mason and Jordan. They always boast that they are going to win. Three… Two… One…. The boys were already off to a very good start, the girls ran their best. Although they were running quickly they still made no progress. OUCH!!! Suddenly Jordan and Maxson fell,and the girls stopped running and helped the boys up.The girls won a medal for being the nicest girls and helping others in need.

100 w/c Benito

One day there were 2 kids ccalled Jack, and Jake Paul. Their class was going to do a race tomorrow….On the day of the race Jack ad Jake Paul were not ready at all. Jack was very nervous. 3,2,1.. Go!!! Shouted the coach, Jack and Jake Paul started off with a good start but…Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress… Jack breathed in and out, Jake Paul breathed out and in….And they won the race yay!!!. Jack and Jake Paul’s parents were very,very proud of them so they took them to MacDonalds.

100 w/c Matthew

“Cian come on!” shouted mum up the thin stairs .

“We’re going to miss our flight!” Mom contuines shouting, “Finally, now Cian get your tiny bag and then we’re leaving” explained mum.

Cian was hopeless. He didn’t want to leave, he still had an unfinished level in his game, just a tiny bit and he’d be finished, he would’ve recieved shiny speed boots. As he packed his bag, that’s when he remembered that he is coming back after a cold week in winter.  During a long and tiring flight, “BOOM”, they splundered into the Antlantic ocean. Cian survived, he saw yellow instead of blue, red instead of green. Luckily he saw a beach near by, he tried swimming to the shore, it was hard but he made it out alive.

100 w/c – Dylan B

One time I shrunk to Lego size . It was a great day I was having fun then all of a sudden I was shrunken along with my friends. Well my new friends were Lego people and they were shiny yellow and thin .ZAP! my mam was even shrunken.then the rest of my family. I met Batman Ironman Spiderman and lots more . Down at my house (Lego house ) we sat at the door thinking hopelessly that I’ll get back to normal size . We slowly began to get use to it than we lived in a Lego house. Sadly there was no WiFi or TVs or anything.

100 w/c – Caoimhe

One day Mr hopeless was walking down the road . He found a shiny nickel & he picked it up and everything became yellow and he walked around the street looking and trying to find something that wasn’t yellow and then he walked past a thin house that was pink and he didn’t know why it was pink. A few days later when Mr Hopeless woke up everything wasn’t hopeless ,it was hopeful. He made lots of friends and he went to see his family loads of times. He lived happily ever after with all his friends and family.

The Good Rabbit – Luke

There was a little rabbit crossing a field when he saw a shiny egg, it started to crack and a yellow tiny chick came out of the egg. He thought to himself the yellow chick was very thin and needed food but the rabbit knew he had to find its mother. They walked around for ages but could not find the mother , he felt hopeless . Just then, he heard cries from a duck. She told him she lost an egg. The rabbit showed her the yellow chick and she knew it was her baby. She thanked the rabbit and went back to the pond. Everybody was happy.

100 w/c – Lena

At Easter , me , my mam, my dad and my sister went to the church. On the way there we saw lots of yellow daffodils growing . When we came out of the church there was a tiny bit out the sun out. Once we got home we ate some dinner. Me and my friend wanted to go out, but we couldn’t because the weather was hopeless. After a while me and my friend saw that the sun was out. While we were out we saw a tiny hole in one house. When we looked in the hole we saw a shiny and thin piece of gold foil .
When we took the foil out we lots of easter eggs . We took all of the easter eggs and went home.

The Sleepover – Kyle

It was my birthday weekend and I was having a party, I even got my parents to let me have my friends sleep over. After the sweets and cake we went out to play football. About 8 o’clock my mam called us in to get ready for bed. We went to go into my room when she said no not in here. They had put a tent up in the back garden, we were excited. It didn’t last long. Around midnight there was a bright light, we looked out and it was a cluster of tiny stars that made a shiny yellow thin beam. We taught it was aliens. We were too afraid so we ran back into the house. We tried to go back asleep but it was hopeless. We were awake the whole night.

Teeny Tiny Farm – Jody

Chloe’s Mam was taking her on a trip to a new farm as a treat for being so good. She was very excited. When they got there everything was tiny. Chloe thought it was a hopeless place but the more she seen the more she enjoyed it. There were loads of unusual tiny animals and lots of yellow, red and purple trees. There were flowers that were shiny and bright. On the way out they had to walk along a thin path made for very tiny people. It was so much fun that Chloe didn’t want it to end.

Fluffys’s Worst But Best Day Ever – James

This is a sad story about a tiny yellow chick who lost his family on a trip. One day a little chick called Fluffy and his family were going on a trip to the river. He stopped to look at the sun, because it was so shiny. His family had no idea he was even gone!!!!!!! When he stopped to look he saw they were gone. Then he started looking for them, for around twelve hours, sadly he gave up, as he sat by the thin tree he mumbled, “This is hopeless.” But when he went to close his eyes he heard his mother shouting his name so he leaped up and in no time he was back home!

The Beach – Hasher

One lovely day the yellow, shiny sun was out. Bob said ” let’s go to beach”. Bob and all his friends decided to go and spend the day at the beach. They reached the beach and made a sandcastle. Suddenly an alien spaceship attacked the beach. Everyone ran and sceamed “ahhhhh”! Bob and his friends were hopeless. Slowly, a thin, slimey creature crawled out of the huge spaceship. Bob felt tiny compared to the huge space ship. Bob realised the alien was actually very kind and generous. Then they became friends. Bob and the alien flew back to space together and Bobs friends went too.

Alien Visit – Hannah

On one stormy night, just when I was about to close my blinds there was a loud BANG and a flash of light.I had to go and investigate.
Suddenly I saw a shiny object. I could’t make out what it was but when I saw an alien then I knew exactly what it was.
The alien was thin and had yellow zogabongs coming out of his head. Luckily they were friendly and all they wanted was fuel for there spaceship. It turned out their spaceship only ran on orange juice. I only had orange juice with the tiny bits in it so that would have to do.

Friends for Life – Frank

Once upon a time there was a thin stick man and his name was Jimmy, he had a shiny suit. Walking around the town he saw a yellow shiny duck. He decided to walk in his direction and try to have to talk with him. So maybe they would become friends. In the beginning the yellow duck was scared of Jimmy, but after a few minutes they start talking and playing together. They decided to go to cinema together. The movie was hopeless so they left early and went for a walk around the town. It was a great day for both of them because they became friends for life.

Shiny Star – Dylan S

“Oh this is hopeless” cried Billy the bird, “my wings just won’t work”. Billy was a tiny yellow bird. He lived in a big tree with his mam, dad, brother Bart and sister Betty. He was always dreaming of flying but every time he tried, he would just fall to the ground. Bart and Betty could fly. Always chasing each other and laughing and having lots of fun. This was annoying him so much. ‘This is not fair” he said, “why cant I fly too?”

The one day he woke up and he just jumped from the thin branch he was sitting on and he flew! He flew up high in the sky. He was so happy, he felt like a big shiny star.