Oven Explosion by Tadgh

Thomas was nervously walking through Galway city on a dark grey and stormy night. He was heading to Seán’s house for dinner. Seán was making bacon and cabbage in his brand new round super oven. The oven was the size of his kitchen table, the oven could also reach up to 300°C hotter than most ovens. Bang it was Thomas at the door as soon as Seán opened the door another bang it was his new oven, it had exploded. The whole apartment building was on fire. That was the end of the end of the new round super oven.

Don’t Joke by Rose

I went upstairs to see my ‘imaginary friend’ since I couldn’t go outside. I don’t know my friend’s name so I call him ‘Big brother’ because he acted like my brother before he passed. I opened the bedroom door and I saw him playing with the round, bouncy balls.

“Big brother! What do you wanna do?” I excitedly asked. He looked up at me and smiled. He gestured over to me to sit down, so I did. He rolled up his sleeves and showed his hands. The left was grey and wrinkly compared to his right one. I immediately stood up. “What? They look like old cabbages, I’ll ask for help.” I said nervously. We both walked over to my big sisters room and I tugged on her sleeve.

“What is happening to big brother’s hand?” My sister looked at me confused. She told me I shouldn’t be joking about him and it was not nice to talk about the dead. Can’t she see him? Suddenly, thunder struck with a bang and Big brother got scared and let out a scream that got everyone’s attention. My sister finally looked like she saw him!

100 w/c by Rorí

As I was in my kitchen cooking cabbage I heard a massive bang. I turned around nervously and saw grey missile the good thing is that it hasn’t exploded YET. I walked over to it and saw it had a round pointy top. On the side it said Sarmat missile. Now I was scared. I tried to pick it up but I heard a little voice saying missile destructing in 10 minutes. I picked it up and ran to the green. Which took me 7 minutes. I ran to a tree and climbed up into a tree. But it wasn’t far or high enough.

Bang by Nathan

Slurp Slurp ahhh ‘I can eat this cabbage soup all day’. I said to myself.

Knock Knock!!!

Knock Knock!!!

‘Go away!!’ I shouted. I went to turn the channel when all of a sudden.

BANG!!! the sound was from the roof I thought. BANG!!! It got louder.

BANG!!! I jump out of my seat.

‘Mr Gray, Mr Gray.’ I heard I ran nervously trying to open the cellar.

It was locked. I saw the intruder on the stairs.

He had a round black mask on with a gun in his hand.

I beg him to spar my life.


The Balloon by Mya

As I walk to school I nervously take a sip of water because I have an important test today. When I’m about to walk into the school I trip over a grey balloon . It’s a cabbage shape balloon.

While I’m on the ground ‘BANG’ a round pebble hits my head. “OW!” I shout out as I rub my head. While I got up I try to grab the balloon but it’s gone.

I stroll into my class acting like nothing happened. Every day when I walk into school I make sure there’s no balloons in my way.

The Stressful Quiz by Matthew

The quiz was hosted in the biggest school in town. When everyone was there, the quiz begun. We were gave a long sheet of questions with 32 questions on the sheet. The winners won a trip to New York! I took of my big grey jacket. The quiz started, I nervously wrote down the answer to number one and so on. I finished the first round of 32. We got a food break before we corrected. I pulled out my cabbage and enjoyed the cabbage. All of a sudden BANG!!! The electric board exploded and the quiz was abandoned!!

The Wild West Gun Fight by Luke

I was walking on the path sweating buckets. My horse had abandoned me. I came up to a town. I nervously walked into the pub. A man who looked like a cabbage farmer asked me what I would like. Before I could answer someone interrupted me. He had grey thin hair and was really tall. He punched me in the stomach and asked for a gun fight. I agreed. I put a round of bullets in my gun and went outside. I got ready to shoot him. I pulled my gun and with a loud bang I shot him and I then won.

The Slippery Cabbage by Kyle

John walked nervously to the ring, his walk-on music blaring in his ears. The crowd was enormous and everyone was cheering and roaring. His opponent, who was wearing grey shorts, was already in the ring. The referee called the pair to the centre of the ring and make them touch gloves. The first round started in a tense manner with neither throwing much punches. Suddenly, a cabbage came flying into the ring from the crowd and his opponent unluckily slipped on it. He hit the ground with a ‘BANG’ and cried out in pain. The referee stopped the fight and security tried to find the culprit. Hopefully the opponent would be okay…

Family Fight by Kayleigh

“Round 3!” Blurted the quiz show on TV. I was helping my sister Liv with her homework. “What’s for dinner?” I asked mam who was making the dinner. “Chicken, cabbage and gravy!” She said. The only person in the house that likes cabbage is mam. The rest of us hate cabbage. “I don’t want cabbage,” I told mam. “Well tough you’re eating it!” She shouted at all of us. The whole family got into an argument. I ran upstairs to my room BANG! Is the sound that my door made as I slammed it closed. Later my mam called me for dinner. I walked down the stairs nervously and entered the kitchen. I looked at my plate. The cabbage was grey.

The Farm by Katie

One morning Maddie was getting ready for her first day at work. She was working at the farm. She went downstairs to say goodbye to her parents. She went in her car to go to the farm it was a very long drive.

She arrived at the farm the farmers name was Mr.Grey. She was working with the cabbages today. She walked over and started washing the round cabbages. She had to put them in boxes. They were all stacked but she picked up the wrong one BANG! they all fell. She nervously picked all them back up.

100 w/c by Jasmin

”Mam I really don’t want to go” Mason complained.

“Well you have to, we all have to” Mam replied.

When we arrived to the family event I could feel everyone looking at us already. “Mam, may I go to the bathroom please?” I asked wanting to leave, “Yes you can, hurry and don’t be too long!” I rushed to the bathroom pushing by crowds of relatives. I arrive to the bathroom and made a plan, I jump out the window and run through the packed parking lot. Suddenly I hear shouting, it was my uncle Barry, I’ve never seen him run so fast, his round belly jiggling, his cabbage shaped head bobbing and his hair blowing in the humid air as he ran as fast as his legs can take him. I continued running till I could no longer hear uncle Barry’s giant footsteps behind me… I stopped to think to myself whilst looking at the grey clouds in the sky, BANG “what on earth was that” I turn around in fear…. There was uncle Barry splattered on the concrete path. A lot of thoughts raced through my mind, I decide I should probably go and ask him if he’s okay, I nervously walk over and turn my head down to look at him, “Oh hey” Barry says.

A Horrible Restaurant by Emma

Last Saturday it was so rainy and stormy. The clouds were are grey and and there was no food in the house. So we decided to go get some food at a restaurant. But there was only one restaurant in town.

When we walked in to the restaurant my Mam said that it stunk like cabbage. The restaurant had round green tables and grey seats.

We got our table and the menu. It only had cabbage and broccoli stew, carrot chicken and pumpkin pudding I was so hungry that I decided to get carrot chicken. Suddenly there was a bang from the kitchen!!.

The Quiz by Eden

“Hello everyone and welcome to a very special episode, where today we will be doing a quiz,” said the presenter. Alex and his opponent, Jack got ready. Round 1 began. “Question 1, which of these aren’t a colour of cabbage? A, green, B, grey or C, White?” Nervously, I chose B because I’d never heard of a grey cabbage. 5 rounds later we were finally finished. “We have counted up the answers and we have a winner,” the presenter said, “the winner of €50,000 is…… Alex with a score of 43, congratulations!” He jumped up and down in excitement. BANG! went the confetti.

Granny’s House by Donnchadh

The cigarette hung from my grandmother’s lip, the grey ash fell into the pot of cabbage that she was cooking for my dinner. Yuck! I can’t believe my Mum left me alone with granny again. I asked could I go with her but she said ‘No, I had to keep granny company’. She just didn’t want to bring me. Suddenly there was a loud bang. I peered nervously around the kitchen door. The pot had exploded. The look on my granny’s face was funny. We both started to laugh. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to hang out with Granny after all.

The Strange Man by Daniels

It was a cold dark day and we were eating our food. Suddenly we heard a bang on the door. A grey man was waiting at the door with a round bag in his hand. We opened the door nervously. There was a strong smell of cabbage coming from the bag. He opened the bag and there was a lot of cabbage in it. It smelt so bad that we told him to keep it outside. We asked him what he was doing and he said that he had crashed his car two days ago and that he was looking for someone to help him. Luckily he found us.

Killer Cabbage by Daniel

It’s early in the morning and your going for a stroll down the farm. The air is grey from the fog. You go to the cabbage area and see it’s destroyed. Nervously, you turn around and head back. Suddenly you here a loud bang. A round figure walks out of the fog. It’s the scarecrow, with a cabbage for a head, and an axe! Without thought you run for it, You hop the fence and run around the goats and sheep. Finally you make it to your house and call the cops. What could happen next, will you survive?

The Quiz by Callum

‘Q .u .i .t .e’ Freddo spelled nervously. ‘Correct’ Jessica said happily. Hannah’s face was going green like a cabbage because she was so nervous for the grand final Spelling Bee. We all thought it was funny until she puked everywhere. ‘Students we will be there in a few minutes so be ready to get off the bus and have all your stuff ready’ Said Mr. Pele. We continued to test each other. When we got there we were amazed of the big building. We were greeted by the headmaster. She had nice grey hair. ‘Welcome to the banger building where we hold the biggest Spelling Bees.’

The Horrifying News by Ben

Ms. Cabbage was walking round to St. Molaga’s school to teach her class when a random person came up to her and told her to ‘watch out.’ The person walked off like nothing and left Ms. Cabbage very confused. But suddenly, BANG. Ms. Cabbage had tripped over a traffic cone on the grey gravel. She then woke up in the hospital. Someone must have called the ambulance. She was alone, no one was there. But then the doctor came in, she looked very nervous and there was another person came in too. The woman said nervously ‘we have some terrible news.’

The Playground by Ashton

One day there were two boys. They lived beside plant shops and one playground. The playground was boring. It was dull and grey but it was the only place to have fun. Sometimes the only people in the playground are the two boys. It’s gigantic. They have so much fun there.

They hated everything else. The only shops around were the plant shops where cabbage was sold . One day there was a big bang in the distance . They were bored so they went over. They turned around it was an abounded round house. Jack had no fear but Paul nervously turned around.

The Quiz by Amy

I woke up from a bang. I thought it was a gun shot but my dog just popped a balloon. I looked out the window and the sky was grey. I got some cabbage for lunch then remembered today I have a quiz to go to! This will be the most important quiz I will ever do so I have to make a good impression. I got dressed and went down stairs. I had to leave in 5 minutes so I was rushing. I brushed my teeth quickly and went out the door. When I got there I was excited but nervous. I answered ever question nervously. On the last round the question was easy gladly and my team won by two.

Shipping Problems by Aaron

I just finished my driving test and passed it. While I was on call with my mam she was so happy and asked me to stop at the shops on the way home. I decided to go to SuperValu because I was going to get myself a nice round muffin. I was driving nervously as it was the first time on my own. I got to SuperValu and someone had dropped a big fat cabbage on the floor so seagulls can eat it. I got my shopping, payed for it and while I was walking out….BANG a seagull hit a window.

An Ghrian (The Sun) by Tadhg

Astronaut Eamonn Pearse and James Clarke were lying on their bed in Sun Rocket 274. They were on a mission to figure out how the sun was made. NASA had sent them up to the sun, they were the first astronauts to reach the sun. They flew to the sun in less then a week, the heat was unbearable, so they had to figure out a solution. But suddenly there was a huge banging noise from behind the rocket. The sun had just exploded, Eamonn and James got on the radio to ask what they should do. It was too late.

Boiling Water by Rose

The house was completely quiet except for the occasional coughs from my eldest twin son, Micah. I was making tea for him to help calm him down while his younger brother, Michael looks after him because he was severely ill and the doctors said there was little to do for him. As I was pouring the boiling water I heard a yell coming from Michael.

”Mama! Quick! It’s Micah!” He yelled in distress. I spilled some water on my arm from the sudden shock and the heat was unbearable, so I quickly wet a towel and put that on my arm while running to the small room.

I saw Micah coughing uncontrollably and his cheeks were turning red. He was coughing up a little blood and Michael was panicking. I rushed over to Micah, sitting him upright and patting his back while I sent Michael to call the doctor.

100 w/c by Rorí

As I was sitting in the sitting room I heard a knock on my door. I ran over to open it and when I did, I was surprised to see a cardboard box. I took it inside and opened it. It was all of my spice noodles. I opened a packet and I was immediately hit by the horrible smell of heat. I took the noodles and put them in a bowl full of hot water. 2 minutes later I saw that they were finished so I took a bite. The heat was unbearable, so I spat it out onto the floor.

Cake Run by Nathan

I look up to see a mam* with her white baking robe. With a creek the door opened and I was placed inside. I was roasting, the heat was unbearable, so I tried to kick down the door.

It opened and I ran out. The dummy had left the door open. I took a look outside. AHHHH!!! I started to sprint down the town. A fluffy beast with very big teeth started to chase me. With no hope I jumped into some sort of drain. WOOF WOOF!!!

It can’t hit me I thought.


The Sun Landing by Mya

Becky was on her way to be the first human to land on the sun. She put on her special suit so she doesn’t burn. The rocket launched and Becky was very excited. When she got near the sun the heat was unbearable, so she put some not melting ice in her hands so she could cool down. She got closer and closer to the sun, she was hoping she will make it. She landed on the sun and got out of her rocket. When she got out she screeched and jumped up and down. After a few hours of being on the sun she safely made it home.

The First Day of Spain by Matthew

I started my summer of in Spain. My hotel was called “the greatest”. I sat by the pool and read my book and went into the water. It came 2:30 which was time for siesta. I walked back to my room. As the heat was unbearable, so I had a sleep for an hour or two. I woke up and it was 5:00, so I went down stairs and played some pool and arcade games. It was 8:00 I went to a tasty restaurant called shiny green. I ate my dinner and enjoyed the rest of my night then went home to bed.

Arena Fight by Luke

I entered the armoury of the arena. I got prepared for the fight. The arena was flooded for the fight so I had to think of a strategy. I grab an ice stick to freeze the water, flippers to swim, a snorkel and a dummy to distract him in the fight. The fight started and I rapidly swam to the top I froze the ice quickly. Then I got pushed onto the ice for so long that the heat was unbearable, so I shoved them away so I could get up. I unfroze the ice pushed them in froze it and the let me win.

The Water by Kyle

I rushed out from the tap and straight into the kettle I went with a ‘plop!’ I could feel the kettle being moved to where it was about to be boiled. This was the worst thing about being water. Getting boiled! Why would they do that to us? I suppose people do need us to live though. I could feel myself getting hot and soon the heat was unbearable, so I let off steam to try and cool myself down. I heard the kettle finish boiling and next thing I was being poured into a mug with coffee beans and milk. I was about to be drunk. I had to prepare to die…

Last Saturday by Kayleigh

Last Saturday Leila brought her brother Jack and her two best friends Sam and Jess on a cruise. They all met at the dock and a few minutes later the boat arrived. They got on board, talked to the receptionist, got their room keys and went to their rooms. They unpacked their belongings and Jess texted the other three and asked if they want to meet at the front of the boat to hang out because the heat was unbearable, so they did. After a while they all jumped into the water. Suddenly Jack screamed. Leila quickly swam towards him to see that he was getting chased by a shark…