The Kidnapper by Kyle

As the taxi pulled up at the side of the road, Ali felt a great surge of relief going through his body. He had finally found a taxi. The taxi was a mustardy sort of yellow and the taxi man was a skinny build. Ali hopped in and told the man the name of the street he was going to. The taxi man had a bit of a giddy look about him, almost excited. After five minutes, Ali started to get worried. This wasn’t the normal way. The taxi man started breathing heavily and he took a corner towards a waterfall. This was really strange. The car came to a halt. ‘Here you go, Rod Street!’ exclaimed the taxi man. Ali laughed. ‘I said Bod Street, not Rod Street!’

The Camping Trip by Kayleigh

My mam told me we were going camping near the waterfall. I was so excited that I ran upstairs and started packing my bags. I packed 3 outfits, a swimsuit, pyjamas and some stuff to protect myself. “Hurry the taxi is here” shouted my mam. I ran downstairs and hopped into the bright yellow taxi. It only took us 15 minutes to get there. When we arrived I set up my tent. “Can we go swimming” I asked immediately to my mam. “Yes!” she answered happily. I got my swimsuit on and ran to the lake. Then all of a sudden I tripped over a rock and went flying into the ditch. I was panicking and breathing heavily. I am never going there again. 

Soft Feather by Rose

“I’m coming!” I yelled to my mom.

I was getting ready for an annual celebration and I was helping my sister tie up her hair.

We have this celebration every year with family and friends and it was getting everyone excited.

Me and my sister got ready and went downstairs where my parents were waiting. We hurried into my parents’ car and drove off.

When we arrived, It was a very tall building and there were a lot of people exiting taxis and talking loudly. I tried to avoid them to the best of my abilities. I don’t like interacting with people and I try to avoid conversations, unlike my younger sister who loved talking to others.

The noises forcefully crashed into me like a harsh waterfall. I told my mom I was going outside and she gave me permission. I left the room and exhaled heavily once I did. I sat down on one of the benches and watched the little fishes in the pond swim gracefully.

As I closed my eyes and sat there, I felt a feather land on my head. I took it off my head and looked at it closely. It was bright yellow and was soft. I looked up to find where it came from and I saw a kid my age with a feathered hat looking down at me smiling happy they caught my attention.

French Falls by Luke

It was New York 1982. I was an explorer and I found out about a new waterfall. I had to discover it so I could call it France. Yeah, my dream is to name a waterfall after a country. I took a taxi to the airport. I went to the amazon rainforest. I was really excited to get there. When I got there, there was a problem: the water was yellow. We have to change the colour to white, red and blue so it is like France. We got tons of cases of food colouring when we dropped it all and it heavily hit the water.

Science Experiment by Daniels

It was Monday, my least favorite day of the week. I needed to go to school so I got up on my comfy bed and walked to the bathroom. I got ready and I went downstars. My sister was already eating her breakfast. I sat down on the table and got some pancakes. They were delicious. Then I finally went out of my house and I saw a taxi race by.I took my bike out and went to school. It was very heavy and my legs hurt. I was doing a science experiment. It was boring and some people were excited about it. It was a waterfall but the water was yellow.

My Trip by Ben

Yesterday was very exciting, I was going to go to the yellow waterfall in Tipperary. A taxi 

was picking us up at 11 o’clock.

When the taxi got to my house, we loaded the car and off we went.

When we were driving to the quiet countryside, a man with three sheep and a cow was walking on the road and tried to stop us but the taxi driver wasn’t having it and drove round him, and heavily pressed the accelerator and moved on. But then the unexpected happened, the taxi driver drove right over the waterfall  but I didn’t hear anyone scream. Turns out I was just in a dream.

A&E by Tadhg

It was a bright sunny day, not a cloud to be seen. The sun was bright yellow. The taxi driver called James had a day off from work. He couldn’t believe how warm it was. It was 22 degrees celsius outside. James and his family were heading to the Yellow Waterfall. The family were extremely excited. James’s daughter Jane was skipping very quickly towards their browny-yellow Mercedes-Benz, as she skipped down the driveway she hit a enmormas rock . ‘BOOM’ she hit the rock, as she fell she hit the ground heavily. They couldn’t go to the waterfall, they went to A&E instead.

2030 by Tadhg

It was 2030. Everything had changed all the way of living was not to go to school as a child you had to go to college instead and skip primary and secondary school. You didn’t drive your car a computer did. All of the houses were made of bamboo and the roads were all made of mud. Anyone could drive. ‘It’s not like last year’ he thought. Jack was worrying that covid might have a resurgence like it did last year. Everything was closed down just like 2020 and 2021 when no one left their house it was horrible.

The Goggles by Rose

I put on the goggles, I was quite nervous. My great grandad would always experiment but this was far off what he would normally do. He wanted to try out the goggle that were supposedly meant to bring you to the future.

I’m not even sure if that’s possible! But he was invested in the project.

And I was pulled in it.

“Ok, now, just think about what year you want to go to, and you’ll be there!”

And so I did. I thought of the year, 2025.

Soon after, I saw a blinding light. I felt some pain but in a second I was transported to a house.

I looked around and saw an elderly woman staring at me in shock

“Goodness?! Where-, how-.?” She stuttered in shock.

I didn’t say anything, but left the house quickly, goggles still on. When I left I saw outside. There were many roads and metal machines with people inside, smoke everywhere. Children playing and people with dogs on rope.

“This is not like last year.” I thought I said in my head.

“What do you mean? It was exactly the same as last year.” Said a stranger.

“Ah, right, sorry.”

100 w/c Rorí

Badoom! badoom! As Josh walked through the abandoned farm he noticed that the hay was gone. It’s not like last year, he thought. Just as he was going to leave he heard an enormous bang coming from one of the shacks. He went to investigate it was a black horse with red eyes. Josh was so scared he passed out. When he woke up he was in some sort of dungeon with a bunch of hay. Suddenly a man appeared and said ‘listen to what I say or you will pay.’ Then he made a run for it with a large jilt to the side he was gone.

Last Day by Nathan

10..9..8..7 the engine was reviving. The people look as

the first rocket was launching to Mars.

Only the richest people got to go as it cost up to 500,000 Euro to go. As for the poorest families got left to die.

But for the Seid family they didn’t give up.

You see John and Bob were the only people in their town after the last meteorite hit.

‘It’s not like last year’ he thought

Last year it was peaceful until King Fire hit the world with a nuke sending the world in havelock killing millions of people.

New Year’s Eve by Mya

Every year George goes to a party for New Years but this year when he went it was different. ‘It’s not like last year’, he thought. Everyone acted differently they were all calm, no kids running around, everyone was talking, at first George liked it but it got weird, there was no music. He decided to go outside to get some air, when he went back in kids were running around, there was music being blasted, people were dancing, ‘did I imagine everything, no I swear it wasn’t like this’ he thought to himself. To this day he still didn’t know what happened.

The Drawing Contest by Matthew

It was the day of the most competitive drawing contest of all.

The favourites were Louise and Smith.

Everybody was nervous especially the new comers.

The competition was held in the Empire State Building.

The rules were: you had to stay inside the lines if you didn’t you would be disqualified.

Then the bell rang now the tournament began, the colouring sheets were gave out.

The colour sheets were really small, the instructor was looking around and they saw that Louise and Smith were scribbling. The instructor was shocked.

It was not like last year the instructor thought.

The Random House by Luke

It is January first and John walked outside to go on a walk. On the walk he went past the graveyard. He saw a house pop up at the end of it and then sprinted home. The next day he went to school. There was a new girl her name was Sam. He thought there was something off about her. She said she lives near the graveyard. I knew it she lives in that house that popped up out of nowhere. The second school ended I sprinted to the house. I walked in and asked what is going on she is a witch.

Dull to Bright by Kyle

Zac was walking through his town on New Year’s Day. He had a great night last night, drinking fizzy drinks, eating sweets and staying up late. Today he was quite tired as he walked down to his hurling training. He noticed that there was something different about the place. ‘It’s not like last year,’ he thought. He looked around and realised what it was. Instead of everything being grey and dull, all the buildings were colourful and bright. The council must have done it up overnight! He marvelled at the sight, along with everyone else. This was a historic moment for such a small town.

The School Trip by Kayleigh

Last year for their school trip they went to the museum. This year they are going again. When they arrived they got off the bus one by one and went into the museum. Their teacher guided them into the room where 3 of the museum workers were standing. It was awkward. They started telling them about the sculpture on the right. Jack was confused. ‘It’s not like last year’ he thought and then got back to listening. We went to the next room. The workers were behind us. They seemed suspicious. When we got into the next room one of the workers started hiding something. Jack got scared. When they all got home Jack told the story to his mam. Nobody knows what they were hiding.

My First Day in Secondary School by Emma

It is my first day in secondary school I’m quite nerves but I’m short of exited. I got there and it was so horrifying there were so many people I had to I exclude it was scary I walked though the halls with my head down I heard the bell ring everyone stared running to class I looked at my time table and it said I have homeroom first class and I cannot fined the room then a six year showed me the room while I was walking to homeroom I saw some guy getting bullied for his shoes he cried its not like last year he thought

As Good As New by Eden

Scott was getting ready to go school. He made sure to wrap up warm because his classroom was just an old prefab. It had cracks in the walls and windows. It’s heating didn’t even work. A lot of the time it was just as cold inside as outside. When he arrived at school he was very surprised because the prefab looked brand new. “It’s not like last year”, he thought. None of the windows had even a scratch. The walls looked as good as new. The second he walked in the heat hit him. The heating finally worked! Scott was very happy.

Joey Dunlop by Donnchadh

Joey Dunlop was on his final lap. It is a very rainy day in England. Joey is riding a Honda rc45. He was coming around a corner nearly clipping the curve while trying to stay on. Mosco in second place on the Yamaha is quickly catching up. Joey struggling to maintain his speed and to stay straight, one slip could be very dangerous. Mosco right beside Joey now, Joey has to hurry.

Joey has to take the risk… Joey speeds up, he can see the finish line. Mosco falls behind. Joey has won the race. Mosco screamed in anger the race is over.

100 w/c by Daniels

It was 2022 and I had a wonderful night with Tom, my friend. ‘Its not like last year,’ he thought. The day came and he stepped into his new class in first year. He was scared at the start but he gave some deep breaths and he walked into the class and sat down at his seat. The teacher welcomed me to the class and everyone said hi. As the weeks passed the subjects became more difficult. I started thinking as Tom did. Tom was right. Secondary school is really not like last year. I really miss primary school which was easier and more fun.

Time Warp by Daniel

Sam woke up to what he thought was a normal day. Later he got dressed and went down stairs. Just when he was about to watch tv something astonishing happened, the wall ripped and it looked like he was in space. He couldn’t think of an explanation for what he’s looking at. Suddenly the house fell into a rift. He found himself alone in a field. After wandering around and listening to people he realised he was a year in the past. “This isn’t like last year,” he thought. Then out of nowhere another rift opened and he traveled to another place in time.

The Treasure Dive by Callum

Every year the Adama’s go to the Fredo’s finest hotel. The Adama’s go because they have a tradition to go when the treasure dive is on at the hotel. They got ready the night before so they could go first thing in the morning. The drive was 2hours so they brought breakfast with them. When they got there they had time to go to the go to their room and unpack. The treasure dive was in the afternoon. Jack the son walked down to the pool and he said it was not like last year because now it was a free for all not just for the kids.

Dungeon by Ben


James was alone, he had just been kidnapped and has been thrown into a mysterious and unknown dungeon. James was walking through the park when he came across a man that looked confused so he went over to them and then he suddenly appeared in a dungeon. He looked around and then he saw it, James’s phone was lying on the floor he ran as fast as he could over to it to call the police but then he remembered the police change their phone number so they can’t get hacked. “It’s not like last year”, he thought. Then he heard the door open.

Secondary Disaster by Ashton

Finally secondary school after years and years I am finally here let’s go in. As David was telling himself these words while entering the school he stopped. And saw something he will never forget. All of his old friends were laughing together. He thought to himself why didn’t they invite me I am their friend after all. He let it slip off his mind for a while. He said to himself they probably forgot I went to this school. A few hours later it was lunch time and saw an empty seat he tried to sit they didn’t let him. David was very sad its not like last year he thought ..

2022 by Amy

“3,2,1 Happy new year!” Everyone shouted as we watched the fireworks. I can’t wait to do our family tradition and spend another year with my family. Our traditions every year on January 1st is we all bake cake and eat it while watching a movie. My brother looked sad though. He usually loves doing this. And then I realised. Dad wasn’t here! I forgot dad was at hospital! I was looking at my brother…

“It’s not like last year.” He thought to himself. He stood up and said he wants to bring it to dad. So we baked dad a cake and went to the hospital. We let dad pick the movie and stayed over night with him.

The Egg by Alfie

It was New Year’s Day. Adam was spending time with his family. They were having a big party with balloons ,party hats, popcorn machines and colourful confetti. Adam was enjoying the party but something was calling him. He went outside and followed the voice to the woods. The voice got stronger and stronger the further he went into the forest. He felt he was being watched. Very far into the woods he noticed that the trees around him were dead and rotting. Then he saw the repulsive egg. It was a pale fleshy colour with red lines”it’s not like last year”he thought.

Another Lockdown by Aaron

Everyone is hoping for 2022 to be a good year but so far it has been dreadful. For starters a young boy named Aaron got Covid on his first day. Secondly, there could be a potential second lockdown. “It’s not like last year”, he thought. Last year it was lockdown straight away and no schools were opened for a good while. Aaron was alright with Covid and he was able to cope with it as he got the PlayStation 5 for Christmas. He really enjoyed playing Fifa 22 and Minecraft. So far this year is not looking hopeful for us.

TV Ad by Tadhg

“You need to make an ad about Climate Change,” exclaimed the director. “Ok,” I responded. “ACTION!!”

“You need to do something, our earth is crumbling. Every time you turn on the fire or have a packet of crisps, the earth is polluted. The more food you waste the less there is for the poorer people. Ever time you throw a small piece of plastic on the ground one more fish dies. At this rate the sea will be 12 metres higher. Every piece of plastic ever created is still there. Do something while we still can.”

“CUT!” screamed the director.

Climate Change by Rose

“Humans have evolved so much.”

Started the little girl. She was being filmed by a few climate change activists.

“But we are sometimes really careless and cause things that makes serious damage to us all.”

“I can’t change people’s mind, even though I wish they could think what I’m thinking, I can’t. But all I ask is just for you to at least listen. We all see the damage we caused. And if you can’t feel it, you felt it through the changing weather.”

“I’m only a kid and I feel the climate change. I’m doing what I can like picking up litter when I see it, I know it’s not enough, but still. I know some of you can do so much more.”


“Thank you, I hope filming me helped you guys!”

What Would You Do? by Nathan

‘What would you if you can do anything?’

‘If I could I would take all the rubbish out of the seas.’

‘That’s nothing dude I would stop climate change.’

’Be quiet Chanel you know that we can’t do that.’

‘I know but if everyone dose their bit then we might be able to Rorí.’ ‘What about you Fluffy?’


‘I get you Fluffy you make so much sense.’

‘Anyway where were we?’

Talking about climate change and how to stop it before 2030.’

‘And how do we do that?’

‘By doing your part.’