100 w/c by Noemi

One rainy day I wished I became in charge of something.

The next day my mam came and shouted “DO YOU WANT TO BE IN CHARGE OF SOMETHING”.

I said “yes”. But the proplem was I didn’t know what to be in charge of. Suddenly I wanted to be in charge of gymnastics. But my mam said “No because it’s too much skill for a day”. Then I said “I won’t turn as white has a ghoust”. Then I found the best one ever it was…”Becoming a teacher” my mam said. But I didn’t like it. …but what if I was in charge?…

The Hacked Computers – Matthew

This story happend a long time ago in 1972, Italy. There was a computer company called Acer, they always had the best computers. Not one computer company came close to be better then Acer. And this wasent good because everyone tried to join Acer. Instanly hackers tried to hack into the computers. Simply none of the succeed, no thats wrong, this is what really happend. Actually a guy name Luadorbhor Vicni randomly found a code on a secret webesite, typing in the code he noticed that all of the numbers upside down was the name of the owner of Acer. He hacked in and it said do you want to be in charge?Aventually He said in his head “What if I was in charge?”

The Day Dream – Luke

I was sitting day dreaming ,I was in a big building, I was working away when all of a sudden my boss had to go to the other side of the building . I stood up and told the staff lets go print the paper, type the story’s keep going then one of the workers start messing I told him to get out your fired, as I like to get the news out on time so I kept the work going, then there was a big bang I jumped up and it was my boss smacking the table to wake me and I thought , what if I was in charge I would be a good boss.

100 w/c – Lena

One day , when I was in school my teacher said” Take out your irish books”. ” I don’t like irish “. Said my friend. “Deal with it” Said my other friend. “But what if I was in charge? ” ” In charge of what ? I said. ” The class ” Answered my friend. The next day my friend kept talking about her plan to become a teacher. “You can be a teacher when you grow up “.I said. “I ‘ll start to study now “. You have lots of time . Said my friend . ” You have to finish this school then secondary school and then you could start to study to be a teacher “. I said . “Now I know what I want my job to be when I grow up” . Said my friend.

The Best Week – Jody

This week my nanny was mindding me and my sisters. We had great fun with our nanny. But I thought “what if I was in charge?”. I would bake yummy cupcakes. So I asked my nanny can we make yummy cupcakes. “She said in a bit” “I said okay”. My sisters wanted to draw nice pictures. When were done with our pictures we were allowed to make cupcakes. We had so much fun. The best part was eating the yummy cupcakes . We played a few bored games and my nanny made the best dinner ever. After dinner my mam and dad came home. We told them all about it.

Never Make a Shop With Your Friend – James

This story is about two people called Rick and Jackson.They were in their twenties with no job. They tried to get a job but all the jobs were taken. Then Rick thought why not make our own shop. Of course, Jackson tried to take credit. But they didn’t know what to call it. After a while, they agreed on the name ‘Super Deals’ (wonder were that came from). Then they realized that only one of them could be the manager. Rick said, “I’ll be the manager” then Jackson shouted “but what if I was in charge!” They fought about it for the rest of the day , so now do you believe the title’s right?

Kid President – Hollie

This week I made a wish and wish that I was the president. But then my mum said oh Hollie don’t be silly and nine-year-old can be the President I said I know but what if I was in charge . As I set off into a daydream when I’m the president I will have no vegetables only parents have to eat them . Then I will have a big gingerbread castle my mum started to snap at me she said Hollie are you daydreaming again . I said no Mam okay it’s time for bed. Okay I said .

The Board Game – Haylie

One sunny day Emily was bored so she went up to the attic and looked for somthing to play with. She found a board game so she went down stairs to see if her brother would like to play. He said yes so they set the board game up and started playing. After a while the girl rolled a six and the board looked like a portal and sucked up the boy and the girl. It looked amazing thought Emily there were elephants birds sparkly water and clouds that looked like candy floss. After a while of playing the game the girl only needed a 5 to win the boy needed a 5 too, the girl rolled a 5 she won and got out of the game.

What If I Was in Charge – Hannah

“Eat your peas” said Mam. Nooooo you know I hate peas, why do I have to eat them. When you are old enough to be in charge you don’t have to eat peas said my Mam.
But what if I was in charge now I said. Ok says Mam, you can be in charge for dinner tomorrow. Great I thought. Yummy burger and chips.
Dinner was a disaster. Suddenly I regretted ever wanting to be in charge. The chips were as soggy as a wet sponge and the burger was as hard as rock. Yuck!
Who thought been in charge would be so hard.

The Day I got to be in Charge – Dylan S

It was just a regular Wednesday at school. All of the class was waiting for teacher to arrive. Suddenly our principal came rushing into our classroom. “What am I going to do, what am I going to do?” she cried. “Your teacher is sick and wont be able to come to school today” she said.

We were all excited. Then I had a brainwave, a really good idea. Well I thought it was a really good idea. I could mind the class. I know its sad that teacher is sick …but what if I was in charge? And my first job as teacher? NO HOMEWORK!!!!

What if I was in Charge

Stomp stomp stomp. My feet went as I stomped down stairs.
” I want a pony nowwwww!!” I commanded my mom and dad. Although I was angry I tried to stay happy. Because it was my birthday I was asking for a pony. Suddenly a massive BANG came from the door .I went to check it and a man was standing there. “From now on children are in charge of their mam and dad. “OMG” I said shocked. I thought about me being in charge…but what if I was in charge… Yess…. now get me a pony” I said happily.
“Oh no” said mam and dad.

The Day The Mystery Man Ruled Over The World – by Denyzy

On one damp cloudy day. Walking along the road was Mr Mystery Man he was like a noir person. People always looked at him. Strolling along the road he found the crooked man who was in charge of Noir city. Mr Mystery Man walked along looking disgusted at the crooked man. He went to his brother to talk about the crooked man. …but what if I was in charge?… Questioning, his brother laughed and slapped him in the shoulder. That would sure leave a bruise.

‘I bet, oh you are a funny one brother’.

Mr Mystery Man was angry nobody belived him. Stomping away Mr Mystery Man looked at the rumors. Everybody spread rumors that the crooked man was a theif. Running Mr Mystery Man busted the door . Bam! The pot crashed on the floor. Angrily the crooked man walked up, excuse me!?’, shouted the crooked man.

Explaining the truth the crooked man was sent to jail for 20 years.

My Dream Football Team – by Dale

Josè Mourinho is the manager of my favourite football
team, Manchester United. Although Mourinho does a good job I don’t always agree with his line-up. We are 2nd in the league at the moment but what if I was in charge where would we be in the league? I would put out a stronger team every week. The team I would have is goal keeper De Gea, defenders Lindelöf, Smalling, Valencia and Shaw. The midfielders would be Pogba, Carrick and Mata. The forwards I’d pick would be Sànchez, Lukaku and Rashford. If they didn’t play well in the first half they’d be substituted at half-time.

If I was in Charge – Caitlin

As I lay in my dark room starring at the ceiling I let out a big sigh. I’m not tired i thought to myself. I got out of bed and quietly tiptoed into my Mum’s room and woke her up.

“What?” she whispered.

“Go back to your cosy warm bed now”.

“I can’t go to sleep,” I moaned but before I could finish my sentence mum shouted, “I am in charge and I said go to bed”.

So I walked out of the bedroom, not tired at all. I climbed into bed and thought to myself “what if I was in charge”? I would stay up all night eating junk food and watching TV!

My Dream – by Bobby

It was one miserable Saturday evening, and my little cousin Tadhg was having a sleep over with us. We were going to have a movie night. We were going to watch the BFG, this is one of Mams favourite movies. We were all snuggled up on the sofa to watch the movie when the door bell rang. My Mam went to answer the door, and then I thought but what if I was in charge of picking the movie. I would pick a movie about about meerkats, as they are my favourite animal. However, Mam returned and we watched the BFG.

If I was in Charge – by Benito

Step, Step, Step, Step.

One beautiful day I was walking to school. Suddenly I thought but what if I was in charge of my school?  I told my friend and they said “I don’t know”. After I wrote my answers out on a sheet of paper. ..If I was in charge of my school… 1. I would give everybody a night of homework every single day. 2. I would cancel school for everyone. 3.I would give everyone sweets. Just imagine what it would feel like, you being in charge would be the best thing in the whole world.

The Boy Scout – Ben H

Once there was a boy named Jamie. Jamie loved to go to scouts for overnight trips.One day Jamie’s Mom got a call from the scout leaders to say the camp was on for a whole week.When Jamie heard the good news he was filled with exitment and he ran upstairs and got his bag packed and ready to go.When Jamie arrived at camp the leaders were waiting for everybody to arrive but the only problem was that it was getting late at night so everybody had to go straight to bed but Jamie couldn’t sleep he just kept thinking but what if I was in charge some day I’d love to be a leader. The next day Jamie got up and had the time of his life.

If I was in Charge – Ben F

One day in school are teacher was giving us an Irish test. It was so, so boring. Irish is my least favourite subject. While the teacher was calling out the sentences in English, I thought to myself, ‘But what if I was in charge of school?’
We would have so much fun. We would get no more tests, no more homework on Monday, no more Irish and no more pages of writing. Instead, we would have play times every 2 hours, lots of easy work, a party on Friday and do art and PE every day. We would have the best of fun if I was charge.

The Young Leader Boy by Whitney

One sunny, graceful afternoon, a boy named Jack was just relaxing, when he waw one of his friends from his camp.

She was as happy as a bunny.

‘What’s the matter with you’, said Jack.

‘I just got picked to be the camp leader!’

As the girl skipped along the pathway, Jack thought to himself, ‘but what if I was in charge.’ So he quit his camp and made his own. It was going very well and he was in charge.

My Dream Job by Cillian

When I grow up I am going to have my dream job.  I am going to play for Manchester United. But what if I was in charge of the football team and not only just playing?

I would be the manager and be able to say what players could be transfered and bought.  I could also decide what positions each player would be in. Wayne Rooney could be a goalkeeper and also be a defender. Oh! That would be great! I would be a famous manager and my team would always be winners. We would go on to win league cups.

Presidents – by Sophie

One sunny day Sofia and Nicol were having a paly date. They turned on the tv and presidents were on it. They were at a party and there were lots of servants. The presidents were in charge so they hat lots of money and lots of really expensive things. Nicol wondered when she was watching it ‘but what if I was in charge?’

‘I will have lots of servant and really expensive things and boss everyone aroud, that would be really good’, she said to Sofia.

‘Yes, that will be really good.’

They played presidents for the rest of the paly date, it was good fun.

100 w/c – David

One sunny day Bob went out for a walk.  He saw his friend walking. He ran to him and they had great fun.  His friend was in charge of the tennis. But what if I was in charge.  He just wished that he was charge.  Once he was in charge, but they kicked him out.  He wished that he could come back.. Then he played with his friend.  They went to the swimming pool.  They splashed themselves.  They were all wet.  Slowly he went home.  They had great fun.  They told everyting that had happened that day.

100 w/c – Nicol

One day Emma thought ‘what what if I was in charge?’ Lucy said that her mum is a president, and she said also that she in in charge. So Emma said she would make an Ice-cream Land, a Cookie Land and  a Donought Land.

‘It would be amazing to make a Candy Land’.

It was night time and Emma wnet to bed early. She was dreaming about being a president and making a Candy Land.  Her dream came ture, she became president and there was a Cany Land right in front of ther.

100 w/c – Myles

One pleasant day Jack and I set up a new shop. Jack was in charge but I didn’t really care. In the shop we sold food, sweets and toys.  We even sold toy guns! Each day we made about fifty to sixty euro! One day I said ‘but what if I was in charge?’

Jack said, ‘pretty much the same as me being in charge!’

When it was at least 10.00 at night we closed.  The shop was located downtown and was called The Completely Lucky Shop. When it was bad weather we closed for the day.

Snowy Zoo – by Noemi

One sunny Monday me and my family went to the snowy zoo we saw so many goldfish. Suddenly we started running slowly. Although it was snowing in the morning I climbed the ladder up to attic to get warm things. When I got down from the attic my cloths were all brown as it was very dirty. The next morning some birds flew into the snowy sky. I was so happy to see snow the snow was fluffy, soft and white. I like to eat snow I said. But not always. The two days ended I was so happy to see snow.

The Goldfish – Haylie

One sunny morning there was a goldfish called Jeff.  Jeff always wanted to fly like a bird . But Jeff knew he was only small as a green pea. One night as he was minding his own  business he saw a shooting star in the sky. Diving he wished that he could fly .

The next morning he was in the sky so he flew slowly to an brown ladder. Then Jeff found a birds and he flew slowly with the brown bird. Eventually when Jeff got tired he went back to the sea and told everyone about what had happened to him but no one believed him.

The Magical Lamp – Hannah

A girl called Ella wanted three wishes. Every night before bed she would wish for a magical lamp. Lo & behold there on her bed was a brown magic lamp. she rubbed the lamp and a genie appeared asking ”what are your three wishes?” Her first wish it was to fly . She went to the highest ladder and jumped from the top! Before she knew it she flew through the air like a bird. She landed back on the ground. Breathing slowly she told the genie her 2nd wish, for a shiny goldfish. He gave her the goldfish. She was so happy she said she did not need a 3rd wish.

The Magic Goldfish – by Dale

One summer’s day there was a man cleaning windows. He was up his ladder and he was stretching over to the corner of the window when suddenly he fell off the ladder and he landed on his back. Luckily a child came along and ran over to the man and asked him was he okay but the man didn’t answer him. Quickly the boy went into the man’s brown house and looked for water to throw over the man. Finding a goldfish bowl he picked it up and took it out side and threw it all over the man!

100 w/c – Caoimhe

One sunny day, a goldfish was fixing the roof of her house. She went to get her big brown ladder. Slowly and carefully, she walked back with the ladder. She climbed up to begin fixing her house. Suddenly, an eagle flew down and grabbed her tools. Quickly she ran to her car and followed the eagle. She caught up with him just as he flew up to the top of a high cliff. She climbed up halfway but unfortunately she slipped. The eagle caught her and brought her home. They became friends BUT the next day the eagle ate the goldfish.

Animal Land – by Bobby

Once upon a time in a snowy village lived Jeff the goldfish. He was a very nice fish and was always kind to others. When Jeff was swimming slowly along the stream he met his friend, Bobby the Unicorn. Bobby had nice brown eyes and silky fur. They started talking about the magical ocean pearl. A little Robin called Benjamin who was singing on a ladder, flew down beside them. They all decided to travel together to see the pearl in the Royal Palace. When they arrived the King allowed them see the pearl which was locked away in a safe. The pearl was spectacular.